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Master in Business Design - International Competition

Master in Business Design: International Competition

 |  by Levent Ozler
Master in Business Design International Competition 01

MBD is an innovative format of MBA, aiming at creating new and intense relations between the world of business and the world of design.

Born in 2003 in Domus Academy, Milan, Italy, MBD represents a laboratory and a border line where designers and creatives, managers and entrepreneurs work in synergy on the creation of both a new strategic language, and new operative codes for the business and the market.

Business Design revolves around the idea that the project is the core and the driver of the business. The objective of the master is to train the students on how to bring innovation and creativity, quality and effectiveness in the areas of products, services and social organisations.

Starting from this year the MBD Master program has opened a new specialization branch in Fashion Management. The Master will start on common teaching platform and then divide into two pathways. The first one will focus on the area of Industrial and Service Design Innovation, the second one on Fashion Management.

The competition addresses both young professionals working in design and fashion, and graduates in economic disciplines.

Candidates are asked to select a company they consider innovative in their own country.

The second step will be to define the context of innovation among the ones here described, or else define other criteria, motivating the choice.

The project will be consisting of an analysis of the innovative content of the company, of the product or of the reference brand. The project will need to be in Word format, maximum 3 sheets or in a 10-slide PowerPoint (including pictures).

Any further attached material (analysis of the sector or of the market where the company works, analysis of the competitors or economic analysis of the context/country) will be considered a plus to the project and will be evaluated by the jury.

Context of Innovation
Innovation of Traditional Fields
the strategic changes that are affecting traditional fields such as agriculture and transportation.

Slow Food in example is a non-profit organisation born in Italy, which through projects, events, publications and a new University of Taste defends and spreads the agricultural and enogastronomic traditions of each area of the world.

Ryanair is an Irish low cost airline company which has rationalised the way of travelling. The airline service doesn't include frills, no business class and agency intermediaries.

Traditional travellers have become self agency and have increased short-travelling.

Innovation of Process
by introducing innovation in logistics and retail Zara and the other fast mover retailers. Some companies have reduced the products life cycle, limited the stocks and conquered consumers on the basis of the sense of immediate and limited opportunity.

Innovation of the Business Model
Virgin Group Ltd, a company that has elaborated a new business model by stretching its vision to many different fields, such as flights, financial services and health insurance.

In the case of IBM former US corporate in the field of computers from the 80's (THE Big Blue), completely shifted its business by developing more professional and services solutions of consultancy worldwide. This new activity results as the 60% of their total profits.

Innovation of Brand
Italia Independent an Italian brand for design and fashion that is playing with many new marketing realities including web 2.0.

Illy Caffe is the case of innovative brand for their communication strategy, taking inspiration from personal creativity and art, and conquering a new segment of lovers, through new strategies of cultural marketing.

Innovation of Platform
First with the IPod and now with the presentation of the Iphone, Apple has developed models of systemic innovation, inventions with high technological content, but able to introduce sets of behaviours, both individual and social, that are completely new and affecting the mass. The same platform was used by Bang & Olufsen a Danish company for music and video technology for a high end market that has introduced high-design features into their products.

Innovation of Style
Fashion and design companies, which through their innovative approach to the themes of comfort and taste, have deeply changed the lifestyle of entire consumption areas. H&M, the Swedish fast fashion company who has integrated into their collection lines, one entirely designed by a highend fashion designer or a celebrities adding more value to their brand and building a new fashion reality. Diesel, Italian company of denimwear, has completely re-invented the culture and the philosophy of jeans.

Social Innovations
Grameen Bank, created by Nobel Prize Muhammad Yunus, is the first and biggest ethical bank in the world. It was born in Bangladesh to financially support small investments aimed at improving the social and financial situation of families.

Wikipedia is the new era of worldwide on line information. A free access encyclopedia which is constantly under construction and it is build by the users themselves too.

The prizes are: One scholarship for non-EU citizens, covering 50% of the total tuition fee of the Master in Business Design at Domus Academy (Euro 17.000+VAT 20%).

One scholarships for EU citizens, covering 50% of the total tuition fee to the Master in Business Design at Domus Academy (Euro 13.000 + VAT 20%).

These conditions are intended only for the Academic Year 2008 -2009 (November 2008 - December 2009).

All candidates, who send their project as participation to the competition will receive an award consisting of 15% discount on the tuition fee to attend the Master in Business Design.

Competition Rules
Every moral or paternity right as to the project remains property of the author. The projects sent to Domus Academy will not be returned.

All the material must be the result of an unpublished work developed by the candidate, not to be used by the candidate in other or previous occasions.

A curriculum vitae and a statement of purpose of the candidate must be attached to the project.

The projects will be evaluated by the MBD Faculty.

Candidates will be informed on the results of the competition via e-mail by May 30th 2008.

The works must be received at Domus Academy by and not later than May 15th 2008. Projects in digital format must be sent via e-mail to the following e-mail address: infobusiness

Paper works must be sent to the address: Domus Academy, "Business Innovation Competition", Via Watt 37 - 20143 Milan, to the attention of the Business Design Department.
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