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Squid Capsule to Open in Silver Lake This Summer

Squid Capsule to Open in Silver Lake This Summer

 |  by Levent Ozler
Squid Capsule 01"Squid Capsule", an installation by the Los Angeles design partnership Layer, opens June 19th at Materials & Applications (M&A). The project will transform the outdoor courtyard into a weather island that isolates and amplifies subtle changes in Los Angeles' placid, if somewhat monotonous, summer climate. "Climate change" is enacted here as a delicate drama of temperature and humidity, with air as the medium and water as the agent of change.

The capsule is composed of 40 transparent vinyl membranes hanging from the sky and grazing the courtyard floor. A field of fog envelops the plump tentacles, suspending the entire piece in a vapor cloud. Visitors are invited to speculate on the physical and visual representation of air. Water appears in its myriad states - atomized as fog, vapor and mist, and in its liquid permutations as condensation or dew. The piece floats over a field of micro-inflatables upon which visitors can lounge as they observe the air.

"Squid Capsule" will be open daily from June 19th through September. Admission is free to the public. Over the course of the summer, the environment inside the capsule will range from cool & refreshing to hot & steamy. It will register changes in temperature and transparency between morning and night, and throughout the summer. Visitors are encouraged to touch, lounge, explore, and experience this newest installation at Materials & Applications.

Squid Capsule 02

In the community spirit of Materials & Applications, the public is invited to take an active part in the construction of this installation with Emily White and Lisa Little of Layer. Participants are encouraged to come to the M&A courtyard the weekend of June 5th and 6th, 12pm to 5pm, to witness and help install "Squid Capsule".
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