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International E-Waste Design Competition 2011

International E-Waste Design Competition 2011

 |  by Levent Ozler
Electronic waste, or "e-waste," generated by computers, TVs, cameras, printers, and cell phones, is a growing global issue.

Through the Second International E-Waste Design Competition, participants are asked to explore solutions to both remediate the existing e-waste problem and prevent e-waste generation in the future.

An entry in the E-waste Prevention category must focus on decreasing the amount of e-waste generation. The entries in this category should focus on new products or services.

E-Waste Reuse category focuses on the aesthetic and technical reuse of e-waste into useful electronic and non-electronic products. An entry in the E-waste Reuse category must reuse old e-waste components in order to create a new product.

Deadline for registration is April 1, 2011.

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