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Ying Gao - Art Fashion and Technology

Ying Gao: Art, Fashion and Technology

 |  by Levent Ozler
The exhibition Ying Gao: Art, Fashion and Technology presents a dozen pieces that include three series of "intelligent" garments which move and change in response to noise, sound, motion or light. These garments represent state-of-the-art research on textiles with integrated technologies but still have an amazingly poetic dimension. They draw the viewer's eye, inflating, unfolding, transforming while protecting the virtual body they cover.

Ying Gao 01Ying Gao 02

For Gao, apparel art serves as a means to investigate the various ways people relate to their environment as well as contemporary complex social and technological issues.

Ying Gao 03Ying Gao 04

Ying Gao 05Ying Gao 06

Ying Gao is a fashion designer and professor of design at UQAM. She is also the recipient of the 2009 Phyllis-Lambert Design Montreal Grant, awarded annually by Ville de Montreal.

Photos: Marcio Lana-Lopez
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