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Antonio Lopez and the World of Fashion Art

Antonio Lopez and the World of Fashion Art

 |  by Senay Gokcen
Antonio Lopez and the World of Fashion Art presents a rich overview of the creative and vivid work of the fashion tastemaker and illustrator.

Curated by Andre Leon Talley, SCAD trustee, Numero Russia editor-at-large and Vogue contributing editor, the exhibition features three decades of Lopez's creative output, including select works from the Antonio Lopez archive.

"Antonio's work is truly legendary and encapsulates the creative genius of an era," said SCAD chief curator, Isolde Brielmaier, Ph.D.

"It is such a wonderful opportunity and privilege to share his ideas and vision with our Lacoste students this summer-all of whom are a part of SCAD's fashion design department.

Having this exhibition on view will be a particularly rich experience for them, as well as for the community of Lacoste and the surrounding Provence region."

The exhibition will be on view on La Galerie Pfriem at SCAD's Lacoste campus in Provence, France, opening on July 4 and on view through August 24, 2013.
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