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Herbert Bayers Commercial Graphics 1928-1938

Herbert Bayer's Commercial Graphics, 1928-1938

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Herbert Bayer's Commercial Graphics, 1928-1938 is a special exhibition at the Bauhaus Archive dedicated to the work of the Bauhaus teacher - between his departure from the Bauhaus and his emigration to the USA.

The exhibition showcases the commercial graphic work of Bayer during the Weimar Republic and in Nazi Germany, after his departure from the Bauhaus. With his work for Dorland Studio, Bayer continued to be one of the most successful and highest-earning graphic artists of the period.

"Many people have heard of Herbert Bayer mainly through the commercial graphics and typographic work that he designed at the Bauhaus," said Dr. Annemarie Jaeggi, Director of the Bauhaus Archive. T"he exhibition is now examining in detail a little-investigated aspect of his creative work. It reveals the scope for design in the applied arts that existed in Nazi Germany and the way in which it was exploited for Nazi propaganda."

The exhibition is on view through February 24, 2014.
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