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Xbox 360 - Designed by Astro Studios

Xbox 360: Designed by Astro Studios

 |  by Levent Ozler
When XBOX turned to Astro Studios to design the next generation XBOX, Astro invited long-time co-conspirator and associate Mike Simonian of Mike and Maaike Inc. to lead the design effort.

Working with the Astro team, Mike's challenge was to create a design that would break new ground in the gaming world by attracting both gamers and non-gamers alike.

In designing the XBOX 360, we were interested in the idea of gravitational pull. As an acutely powerful entertainment system and a portal to a rich online community, the 360 console was designed as an extremely dense "core" with a powerful gravitational pull that attracts and invites.

As an expression of this idea, the exterior form is pulled inwards in the distinctive negative curve.

Key portions of the console are cut away, revealing parts of the internal "core" to the user and providing control and feedback via an interactive ring of light.

The minimalist lines of the XBOX 360 console, controller and peripherals flow smoothly and uninterrupted 360 degrees, creating a subtle presence and allowing the system to reflect and enhance your lifestyle, rather than dictating it.

In this way, the XBOX 360 amplifies the gaming and entertainment experience with power and grace.

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