Architecture Competitions

  1. Resilient Homes Design Challenge

    Resilient Homes Design Challenge

    The competition aims to challenge entrants to generate designs for cost-effective, sustainable, small homes for people living in underdeveloped areas that both reduce the risk of damage and enable rapid reconstruction following a natural disaster.

    deadline (14 days left)
  2. BAMB Reversible Design Competition

    BAMB Reversible Design Competition

    Buildings As Material Banks (BAMB) is inviting students of architecture and engineering from all EU universities to participate in the 'Reversible Design Competition.'

    deadline (17 days left)
  3. ITSLIQUID International Contest 2018

    ITSLIQUID International Contest 2018

    The 6th ITSLIQUID International Contest is now open for submissions and offers artists, architects, designers the chance to win 100,000 Euros.

    deadline (23 days left)
  4. Fairy Tales 2019

    Fairy Tales 2019

    Fairy Tales is open to all, and invites architects, designers, writers, artists, engineers, illustrators, students and creatives to submit their own unique architectural fairy tales.

    deadline (1 month left)
  5. TAB 2019 Vision Competition

    TAB 2019 Vision Competition

    The site of the 2019 Vision Competition is the East side of Kopli, part of Kalamaja, and adjacent to the railway lands that will, in the near future, become an important new part of Tallinn. The task is to create a neighborhood of shared and private habitats to live and work in.

    deadline (2 months left)
  6. Architecture at Zero 2018

    Architecture at Zero 2018

    The competition strives to generate new, innovative ideas for ZNE construction to help achieve California's goal for all new residential construction to be ZNE by 2020 and all new commercial construction to be ZNE by 2030.

    deadline (2 months left)
  7. eVolo 2019 Skyscraper Competition

    eVolo 2019 Skyscraper Competition

    eVolo Magazine is inviting architects, students, engineers, designers, and artists from around the globe to take part in the 2019 Skyscraper Competition.

    deadline (2 months left)
  8. Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition 2019

    Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition 2019

    Now in its 26th year, the Tile Competition is officially accepting entries for 2019. An international jury of design experts will review submissions from all over the continent and select winners in four categories - residential, commercial, institutional, and student.

    deadline (2 months left)
  9. INDEX - Award 2019

    INDEX: Award 2019

    INDEX: Award 2019 is now open for submissions. Established in 2005, the Award celebrates designs that seek to change the world for the better.

    deadline (3 months left)
  10. Pavilosta Poet Huts

    Pavilosta Poet Huts

    Bee Breeders has launched the Pavilosta Poet Huts competition, which asks architecture enthusiasts to create an inviting retreat within the quaint fishing village on the western coast of Latvia.

    deadline (5 months left)