Digital Design Competitions

  1. New Blood Awards 2019

    New Blood Awards 2019

    The New Blood Awards give aspiring young creatives a platform to gain experience solving a client brief, while showcasing their work and having it judged by some of the industry's most prominent figures, as well as a chance to win a prestigious Pencil.

    deadline (1 month left)
  2. UX Design Awards 2019

    UX Design Awards 2019

    Submissions are now open for the 2019 UX Design Awards. With the UX Design Awards, International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) honors solutions that contribute to to shaping a future-oriented world.

    deadline (1 month left)
  3. SpaceTime 2019

    SpaceTime 2019

    Organized by ACM SIGGRAPH, the SpaceTime 2019 International Student Competition offers an excellent opportunity for students to exhibit their computer-based media creative work nationally and internationally.

    deadline (2 months left)