Lighting Design Competitions

  1. IESNYC Lumen Awards 2020

    IESNYC Lumen Awards 2020

    IESNYC is calling for entries for its 2020 Lumen Awards. The Awards are open to any interior or exterior architectural lighting design project completed within two years' time of the submission deadline.

    deadline (1 month left)
  2. Red Dot Award - Product Design 2020

    Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020

    Designers and companies from all over the world are invited to enter their best products - from furniture and household aids to consumer electronics, vehicles and medical technology - in the international competition.

    deadline (2 months left)
  3. EPDA 2020

    EPDA 2020

    The 2020 European Product Design Award is now open for entries. The Award recognizes the efforts of talented international product designers who aim to improve our daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out creations.

    deadline (3 months left)