Design Events

  1. SFERA 2020 - Biourbanism

    SFERA 2020: Biourbanism

    SFERA 2020: Biourbanism conference in Tel Aviv will bring together international innovators - urbanists, biologists, architects, programmers, and designers, - to discuss how we can build better cities using knowledge about the natural world around us.

  2. The Future of Craft 2020

    The Future of Craft 2020

    A must-see event during London Craft Week 2020, The Future of Craft will provide an insightful, interactive and intelligent exhibit, fostering learning and encouraging debate around the many approaches to craft and its future potential.

  3. NYCxDESIGN 2020

    NYCxDESIGN 2020

    Bringing together multidisciplinary designers, design fairs, cultural institutions, brands, universities, and collectives, NYCxDESIGN provides a unique platform to share, celebrate, and collaborate across the field and with the general public.


    New York, United States
  4. Global Portfolio Night 2020

    Global Portfolio Night 2020

    Created in 2003, the annual Portfolio Night is the world's largest advertising portfolio review program. This fast-paced evening of advice, networking and recruitment that takes place in dozens of cities all across the globe on the same date to help the next generation of creative talent entering the industry.

  5. Design Pavilion 2020

    Design Pavilion 2020

    The fifth edition of New York's biggest public design interface will offer engaging installations, pop-up markets, immersive activations, and more across five plazas, as well as produce an enriching schedule of talks on the subjects of design, sustainability, and the future of our cities.

  6. New Old

    New Old

    New Old examines how innovation and design can reimagine how we live the later stages of our lives. Set against a backdrop of radical demographic change, the exhibition looks at how design can help people lead fuller, healthier and more rewarding lives into old age.

  7. NeoCon 2020

    NeoCon 2020

    The 52nd edition of NeoCon will showcase game-changing products and services from both leading companies and emerging talent-providing unparalleled access to the latest and most innovative solutions.

  8. Future of Branding Week 2020

    Future of Branding Week 2020

    Meet the legendary designers behind the greatest masterpieces and listen to their approach to brand strategy. Explore all the new possibilities from experiential and sound identity to branding in digital and motion design.


    London, United Kingdom
  9. World Industrial Design Day 2020

    World Industrial Design Day 2020

    World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) is an international day of observance celebrated annually on June 29 to highlight the impact of industrial design on the betterment of life.

  10. Clerkenwell Design Week 2020

    Clerkenwell Design Week 2020

    This Spring, Clerkenwell Design Week, the UK's leading independent design festival, will return for its eleventh edition in London's most creative district, on July 14-16.


    Clerkenwell, London, United Kingdom
  11. Milano Jewelry Week 2020

    Milano Jewelry Week 2020

    The second edition of Milano Jewelry Week, the Milanese week entirely dedicated to the jewelry world, will take place October 22-25, 2020.


    Milan, Italy