Multidisciplinary Design Events

  1. Moving to Mars

    Moving to Mars

    Moving to Mars features immersive environments, about 200 objects including contributions from NASA, the European Space Agency and SpaceX; NASA's 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Challenge winners, AI SpaceFactory; robotic builders by Foster & Partners; the first spacesuit designed for the Mars surface; Christopher Raeburn's new fashion collection inspired by Mars and much more.

  2. Simplicity as a Design Principle

    Simplicity as a Design Principle

    'Simplicity as a design principle' exhibition uses historical as well as present-day design objects to highlight the fact that there are many facets to simplicity, with economic, functional and emotional components running alongside aesthetics.

  3. Design Thinking and Innovation Week 2020

    Design Thinking & Innovation Week 2020

    Future London Academy's third Design Thinking & Innovation Week will be held March 16-20 in London.

    - (in 3 months) London, United Kingdom
  4. DesignMarch 2020

    DesignMarch 2020

    DesignMarch, Iceland's annual design festival organized by Iceland Design Center, will take place for the twelfth time on March 25-29, 2020, transforming the most northerly capital in the world into one big venue for design.

  5. Boston Design Week 2020

    Boston Design Week 2020

    The 7th edition of the 12-day citywide festival aims to draw more attention to the importance of Boston as a hub for design innovation, showcasing the prevalence of design in our day-to-day lives and to expand the design community, ultimately making information more accessible.

    - (in 3 months) Boston, United States
  6. NeoCon 2020

    NeoCon 2020

    The 52nd edition of NeoCon will showcase game-changing products and services from both leading companies and emerging talent-providing unparalleled access to the latest and most innovative solutions.