Pantone 19-0912 Chocolate Brown is the New Greenroom at Academy Awards

Pantone 19-0912 Chocolate Brown is the New Greenroom at Academy Awards

Greenroom at Academy Awards 2007

The greenroom at the 79th Annual Academy Awards is the backstage oasis where celebrity presenters relax during rehearsals and mingle just before going on stage during the broadcast. The luxurious room, created by noted interior designer team Matthew White and Frank Webb of White Webb, it turns out, will not be green, but rather painted PANTONE 19-0912 Chocolate Brown using Pantone Paints, a superior paint line with a sumptuous finish.

"The Oscar's are a time of great anticipation, nervousness and excitement for the actors. The color brown is a rich earth color that keeps people grounded and connected," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the PANTONE Color Institute. "At the same time, PANTONE 19-0917 Chocolate Brown is rich and elegant, which makes it a perfect color to set the tone for the Hollywood glamour of the Academy Awards."

Shouldn't the Greenroom be... Green?
The origin of the term "greenroom" is unknown and is the source of many theories. In some explanations it is said that the color was in response to limelight - early stage lighting. Green is also thought to be a calming and soothing color. The most widely accepted use of the term dates back to Shakespeare theater. Actors would prepare for their performance in a room filled with plants and shrubs. It was believed that the moisture in the topiary was beneficial to the Actor's voices.

Pantone Paints
Pantone Paints are formulated using only the finest pigments, oils and resins, never resorting to inexpensive fillers. Pantone Paints are tinted with a unique proprietary system employing two separate color wheels, one for waterborne paints and one for traditional, solvent-borne paints. By utilizing product-specific colorants and avoiding the use of the industry-standard, glycol-based universal colorants, this tinting system provides a level of accuracy, covering power and beauty unobtainable from any other source. The enamels yield 50 percent more coverage per ounce than any product produced in North America, and the wall paints can be scrubbed without color change or burnishing.

Pantone Paints are real Dutch paints, manufactured by the largest family-owned paint manufacturer in the Netherlands. Since the time of Rembrandt, the Netherlands has led the world's paint industry. On a per-capital basis, the Netherlands produces 20 times the volume of paint of any other nation.

Pantone Paints:

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