Adidas Unveils +Teamgeist Match Ball for the 2006 FIFA World Cup

Adidas Unveils +Teamgeist Match Ball for the 2006 FIFA World Cup


The new Match Ball for the 2006 FIFA World Cup was officially unveiled during the Final Draw. The new adidas +Teamgeist introduces a radically new 14-panel configuration reducing the amount of three-panel touch points by 60% and the total length of the panel lines by over 15%, forming a smooth and perfectly round exterior allowing players significant improvements in accuracy and control.

The Match Ball is designed in white and black, the traditional colors of the German national football team, and accentuated with the golden color of the FIFA World Cup trophy. Its name, "+Teamgeist", is based on the single most decisive characteristic every team needs to have in order to lift the trophy: team spirit!

Only balls with a perfectly round and smooth surface react reliably and consistently when kicked. Key to the unmatched performance of the new Match Ball is the revolutionary 14-panel ball construction. This innovative configuration brings down the number of three-panel touch points by 60% (from 60 to 24) and the total length of the panel lines is reduced by over 15% (from 400.5 cm to 339.3 cm).

The Thermal Bonding technology, which adidas successfully introduced in 2004, has been further refined to give the +Teamgeist performance qualities found in no other ball. Extensive comparative testing by Loughborough University in England and in the adidas football laboratory in Scheinfeld, Germany, provide proof that the overall performance of the +Teamgeist is unprecedented. The new adidas +Teamgeist is widely expected to beat all known sales records and is globally available in retail from December 10 onwards.

The experience of adidas in football production is unequalled. adidas first began the production of footballs in 1963 and is now the world's leading manufacturer, always at the cutting edge of technology. adidas has supplied the Official Match Balls to all major UEFA and FIFA tournaments since 1970 and will also be the Official Partner and Supplier of the Match Ball of the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cup.

adidas will continue to apply innovative technologies to further expand its leadership in the worldwide football market. This will solidify adidas' position as the authentic symbol of high-performance equipment for both professional and amateur players alike. Moreover, adidas also already looks forward to presenting revolutionary ball innovations for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

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