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The Pebble Collection by Karim

The Pebble Collection by Karim

 |  by Levent Ozler
Post-it and Scotch co-launched a new collection created by Karim Rashid. The Pebble Collection by Karim combines his unique philosophy of democratic design with 3M's history of forward-thinking and innovation. The collection features the Post-it by Karim Pop-up Note Dispenser and Scotch Dispenser by Karim, which take the unique form of modernized stones and add a splash of contemporary style to desk spaces.

The Pebble Collection by Karim

The Pebble Collection by Karim is available in vibrant shades of purple, white and black, with an ergonomic weighted construction that allows for easy, one-handed tabletop access. The dispensers are specially formulated to utilize Post-it Super Sticky Pop-up Notes and Scotch Magic Tape. Fusing Karim's avant-garde aesthetics with the innovative and functional products from the Post-it and Scotch Brands, the collection breaks traditional standards and brings new life to the office supply aisle.

"I am inspired by the challenge of fusing contemporary form and function with the world's innate beauty to develop design-centric solutions for people's everyday problems," said Karim Rashid. "For the creation of The Pebble Collection, I aspired to further beautify two objects that have become a naturalized part our modern society. The Pebble Collection was created to bring an island of softness and serenity to the eye while inviting our hands to objects that are enjoyable and functional to use."

"3M is dedicated to propelling its products along a continuum of brand-enhancing innovations that address the needs and interests of today's consumers," said Mauro Porcini, head of global strategic design, 3M. "Our collaboration with Karim Rashid is another celebration of our commitment to merging function with aesthetic and expression. The Pebble Collection by Karim was designed to ignite creativity and showcase personal style, while retaining the same smart functional features and innovative tools that the Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand from 3M have been known for."
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