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  1. Sustainability and Social Change in Fashion

    Sustainability and Social Change in Fashion

    Sustainability and Social Change in Fashion explains concepts, applications, legal and regulatory issues, and tools available to professionals throughout the fashion industry. Call to Action Activities, case studies, Conversations with industry professionals, and Company Highlights in every chapter will help you practice sustainability in your career.

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  2. Web Design Playground - HTML and CSS the Interactive Way

    Web Design Playground: HTML & CSS the Interactive Way

    Rather than simply provide you with a dry reference of HTML tags and CSS style definitions next to a static screenshot of how they translate into an actual web page, Web Design Playground guides your learning by getting your hands dirty and letting you play in a website built specifically with this book and your learning in mind (the Playground). With the practical exercises and projects you'll experiment with and build, you'll learn everything you need in a fun, relaxed way.

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  3. Night Fever 6 - Hospitality Design

    Night Fever 6: Hospitality Design

    Night Fever 6 unveils outstanding and inspirational destinations that are setting the direction of contemporary hospitality design. Divided into chapters illustrating key trends in the field, the book showcases 100 hospitality interiors from across the world, on a total of 500 pages. Projects are selected based on their original concept, creativity, innovative approach or the project's unmistakable wow-factor. Each interior is presented in two to six pages, through an engaging explanatory text about the design and a curated selection of stunning photography and elucidatory drawings.

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  4. Package Design Book 5

    Package Design Book 5

    Each year, the Pentawards spotlight the ingenious masterminds behind these complex containers and grant their coveted trophies to the cleverest and most innovative designs in the field. This latest edition of The Package Design Book rounds up the winning designs from the 2017-2018 competitions. With introductory essays, product descriptions, and plenty of images, this book features more than 400 winners from over 40 countries across five main categories―beverages, food, body, luxury, and other markets―and no fewer than 55 sub-categories.

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  5. Change by Design - How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation

    Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation

    Change by Design explains design thinking, the collaborative process by which the designer's sensibilities and methods are employed to match people's needs, not only with what is technically feasible, but what is viable to the bottom line. Design thinking converts need into demand. It's a human-centered approach to problem solving that helps people and organizations become more innovative and more creative.

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  6. Unboxing New York

    Unboxing New York

    Unboxing New York is a collaborative testimony to the realities architecture faces in the evolving landscape of New York City. In a collection of 50 short texts, richly illustrated with detailed diagrams and photo essays, ODA weaves together the stories, inspirations, and methodologies it has developed over the last 10 years to challenge the city's architectural conventions with an optimistic outlook.

    recent news ODA 'Unboxing New York' Talk with Eran Chen and David Van Der Leer

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  7. Brand Identity Essentials - 100 Principles for Building Brands

    Brand Identity Essentials: 100 Principles for Building Brands

    Brand Identity Essentials helps design and advertising professionals, students, educators, and brand builders increase understanding of brand concepts and succeed in the messy, powerful, important work of brand-building. The new, revised edition highlights 100 key principles and expands upon the original publication to incorporates emergent themes in digital design and delivery that have developed since the book first appeared.

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  8. 20/20 - Graham Hanson Design

    20/20: Graham Hanson Design

    20/20 presents the work of celebrated New York-based graphic design firm GHD / Graham Hanson Design. For the past twenty years, GHD has produced award-winning results across a variety of disciplines for clients including Rockefeller Center, Carnegie Hall, Google, and The Smithsonian Institution. This carefully-curated monograph showcases twenty of the firm's most important projects executed during this time - from early work to recently completed projects - and illustrates GHD's ability to design enduring experiences that inspire the way people live and work.

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  9. Visual Doing

    Visual Doing

    'Visual Doing: Applying Visual Thinking in your day-to-day business' is a practical and accessible handbook for incorporating visual thinking into your daily business and communication. The author leads you through a new range of exercises, techniques and subjects which will help you to tell your own visual story. It takes a look at these subjects from different perspectives: 'me as an individual', 'we as a team' and 'us as a company.' It helps you to clarify complex information, pitch innovative strategies and foster a visual culture within your organisation.

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  10. Bookforms


    Bookforms is a comprehensive guide for making books by hand with a focus on functionality in design. Written by the experts at the Center for Book Arts in New York, Bookforms presents all the instruction you need to craft by hand a comprehensive array of historic bookbinding styles from all over the world. Bookforms traces the functional roots of each structure, explains their appropriateness for various uses, and provides projects for making an essential structure for each style of binding.

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  11. Inspiration for Innovation - 101 Lessons for Innovators

    Inspiration for Innovation: 101 Lessons for Innovators

    Inspiration for Innovation helps you to become a successful innovator. It offers practical insights, tips and tools and teaches you how to innovate. With 101 columns this book inspires, confronts and surprises everyone who is looking for more inspiration on this topic.

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  12. Designing With and Within Public Organizations

    Designing With and Within Public Organizations

    Design practices increasingly appeal to public organisations as a new and promising approach, but how can we make collaborations between these two different parties successful? The new book Designing With and Within Public Organizations examines this. In this book, author André Schaminée introduces the art of context building - creating and maintaining the right context within public organizations for a fair, thorough yet manageable design process. Based on numerous cases, the author explains the fundamental differences between how designers and public organizations think about change, cooperation and power, and how these differences can be bridged.

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  13. Products That Flow - Circular Business Models and Design Strategies for Fast Moving Consumer Goods

    Products That Flow: Circular Business Models and Design Strategies for Fast Moving Consumer Goods

    Products that Flow is an unusual book about common things that surround us every day. Fast-moving consumer goods, such as food, packaging, disposables, fashion, cheap gifts and gadgets. This book by Siem Haffmans, inspires designers, marketeers and business developers with circular business models and design strategies, to improve the flow of these products.

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  14. A Landscape Inventory - Michel Desvigne Paysagiste

    A Landscape Inventory: Michel Desvigne Paysagiste

    A Landscape Inventory is a richly illustrated and elegantly designed manifesto on landscape experimentation, the work of the internationally renowned architect, Michel Desvigne. As an "anti-monograph," this publication is not comprehensive and projects are not discussed in depth. Instead, it features a composite view of elements such as tree pattern and density across scales, from diminutive urban courtyard to territory, to reveal the weight of planting and material choices in shaping landscapes, irrespective of design language. Highly idiosyncratic, A Landscape Inventory offers a broader reflection on how to present and represent landscapes, organized in two parts - equally casual and purposeful.

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  15. Norman Bel Geddes - American Design Visionary

    Norman Bel Geddes: American Design Visionary

    Norman Bel Geddes has long been considered the 'founder' of American industrial design. During his long career he worked on everything from theatre design, world fairs and cars to houses and product and packaging design. Nicolas P. Maffei's magisterial biography draws on original material from the archive at the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin, and places Bel Geddes' work within the fast-changing cultural and intellectual contexts of his time. Maffei shows how Bel Geddes' futuristic but pragmatic style - his notion of 'practical vision' - was central to his work, and highly influential on the professional practice of American industrial design in general.

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  16. How Things Are Made - From Automobiles to Zippers

    How Things Are Made: From Automobiles to Zippers

    How Things Are Made offers a behind-the-scenes look at the production everyday objects of all kinds, from guitars, sunscreen, and seismographs to running shoes, jet engines, and chocolate. Thoroughly revised and redesigned from the best-selling 1995 edition, How Things Are Made also contains three new entries by author Andrew Terranova. However, each page still contains informative step-by-step text along with detailed but easy-to-follow illustrations, diagrams, and sidebars to tell the stories behind the things we sometimes take for granted.

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  17. Design, Ecology, Politics - Towards the Ecocene

    Design, Ecology, Politics: Towards the Ecocene

    Design, Ecology, Politics links social and ecological theory to design theory and practice, critiquing the ways in which the design industry perpetuates unsustainable development. Boehnert argues that when design does engage with issues of sustainability, this engagement remains shallow, due to the narrow basis of analysis in design education and theory. The situation is made more severe by design cultures which claim to be apolitical. Where design education fails to recognise the historical roots of unsustainable practice, it reproduces old errors. New ecologically informed design methods and tools hold promise only when incorporated into a larger project of political change. Design, Ecology, Politics describes how ecological literacy challenges many central assumptions in design theory and practice.

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  18. Iconic Advantage - Don't Chase the New, Innovate the Old

    Iconic Advantage: Don't Chase the New, Innovate the Old

    Modern business gurus all cry for the need to innovate, to disrupt, and to act like a startup. Iconic Advantage is a different approach that allows companies to leverage what they already have to create lasting differentiation and deeper relationships with their customers. It generates disproportionate levels of profit and protects you against market fluctuations. Many of the world's most successful brands have been using it for years.

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  19. Design Roots - Culturally Significant Designs, Products and Practices

    Design Roots: Culturally Significant Designs, Products and Practices

    Design Roots provides a comprehensive review of culturally significant designs, products and practices which are rooted to particular communities through making tradition and a sense of place. Many rich traditional practices associated with community, tacit knowledge and culture are being rapidly lost due to globalisation and urbanisation. Yet they have much to offer for the future in terms of sustainability, identity, wellbeing and new opportunities in design. This book considers the creative roots, the place-based ecologies, and deep understandings of cultural significance, not only in terms of history and tradition but also in terms of locale, social interactions, innovation, and change for the sustainment of culturally significant material productions. Importantly, these are not locked in time by sentimentality and nostalgia but are evolving, innovative, and adaptive to new technologies and changing circumstances.

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  20. History of Illustration

    History of Illustration

    History of Illustration covers image-making and print history from around the world, spanning from the ancient to the modern. Hundreds of color images show illustrations within their social, cultural, and technical context, while they are ordered from the past to the present. Readers will be able to analyze images for their displayed techniques, cultural standards, and ideas to appreciate the art form.

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  21. American Runway - 75 Years of Fashion and the Front Row

    American Runway: 75 Years of Fashion and the Front Row

    New York Fashion Week has served many purposes throughout its long history, but it has always remained at the center of the American fashion world. During World War II, Fashion Week challenged the dominance of French couture; in the 1970s and 1980s, it was a showcase for American sportswear stars who became household names; in the 2000s, it was the stage for celebrity designers using the runway as a vehicle for entertainment; and now, it is the place to see and be seen by contemporary reality TV and social media stars. Now, this illustrious history is told as it's never been told before, in a book packed with designer interviews, backstage ephemera, and exclusive photographs culled from all 75 years of New York Fashion Week. Part historical over­view, part scrapbook, and part fashion-industry field guide, American Runway will bring to life the people, places, and over-the-top runway productions of New York Fashion Week.

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  22. Fashion Forward - A Guide to Fashion Forecasting

    Fashion Forward: A Guide to Fashion Forecasting

    Fashion Forward demystifies the exciting career of a fashion forecaster and fosters skills that will benefit any design professional. The book begins with an overview of fashion forecasting theories and concepts and then leads readers through a step-by-step guide to creating and presenting a forecast. The authors reveal the inner workings of global fashion forecasting through real-world examples and interviews with both influential forecasters and the designers who rely upon them.

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  23. Portfolio Presentation for Fashion Designers

    Portfolio Presentation for Fashion Designers

    Portfolio Presentation for Fashion Designers is a guide to showing your designs, skill sets, and creativity, to get you that job. In this Fourth Edition, the book shows examples of croquis books, spec and flat drawings, and visual research presentations from both fashion professionals and students.

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  24. Norell - Master of American Fashion

    Norell: Master of American Fashion

    The first book dedicated to the career and creations of esteemed fashion designer Norman Norell, the man hailed as the 'Dean of American Fashion' by the New York Times. Norell showed the world that American design could climb to great heights by producing collection after collection that was both elegant and practical. He singlehandedly shaped the character of the ready-to-wear industry and served as a role model to younger generations of American designers.

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  25. Structure As Architecture - A Source Book for Architects and Structural Engineers

    Structure As Architecture: A Source Book for Architects and Structural Engineers

    Structure as Architecture presents a comprehensive analysis of the indispensable role of structure in architecture. An exploration, as well as a celebration, of structure, the book draws on a series of design studies and case study examples to illustrate how structure can be employed to realize a wide range of concepts in contemporary architecture. By examining design principles that relate to both architecture and structural engineering, Andrew Charleson provides new insights into the relationship between both the technical and aesthetic aspects of architecture.

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  26. A New History of Modern Architecture

    A New History of Modern Architecture

    Combining a fascinating, thought-provoking and - above all - readable text with over 800 photographs, plans, and sections, this exciting new reading of modern architecture is a must for students and architecture enthusiasts alike. Organized largely as a chronology, chapters necessarily overlap to allow for the discrete examination of key themes including typologies, movements, and biographical studies, as well as the impact of evolving technology and country-specific influences.

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  27. Conran on Color

    Conran on Color

    In Conran on Color, Terence Conran shares a lifetime of experience as one of the world's leading designers, retailers and restaurateurs to explain how to make the most of this vibrant and dynamic ingredient. With reference to a wide range of sources, from nature and fashion to street markets and works of art, he reveals how to translate such examples into practical strategies for bringing color into your home.

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