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  1. Health Design Thinking - Creating Products and Services for Better Health

    Health Design Thinking: Creating Products and Services for Better Health

    Health Design Thinking makes a case for applying the principles of design thinking to real-world health care challenges. As health care systems around the globe struggle to expand access, improve outcomes, and control costs, Health Design Thinking offers a human-centered approach for designing health care products and services, with examples and case studies that range from drug packaging and exam rooms to internet-connected devices for early detection of breast cancer.

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  2. Design Thinking - The Handbook

    Design Thinking: The Handbook

    This book is for all who intend to understand and practice the design thinking method in the most rapid and uncomplicated way. The first part describes in depth what this method is all about. The second part of this comprehensive book offers you a step-by-step guide to practically apply design thinking. The subsequent sample cases show how to put theory into practice.

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  3. Time in Fashion

    Time in Fashion

    Few phenomena embody the notion of time as well as fashion. Fast-moving and rooted in the 'now', it's constantly creating its own past through the process of rapid style change. Uniquely poised between the past and the future, fashion's relationship with time is unorthodox. Rather than considering time in the conventional sense, this anthology explores three alternative ways to think about fashion and time: the first identifies the seasonal nature of fashion as an industry, and shows how this has impacted on workers and wearers alike. The second looks at fashion design as a ceaseless process of adaptation, reconstruction and recombination of motifs, in which nostalgia and revivals play their part. The third construes fashion's 'imaginary', with its capacity for fantasy and myth-making, as a form of alternate history that asks 'what if?'

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  4. Becoming a Designer of Distinction

    Becoming a Designer of Distinction

    In Becoming a Designer of Distinction: What Design School Won't Teach You, Tabitha Evans shares lessons she has learned along the way and offers a hip and insightful way to educate designers on what they need to do to help pave the way to a successful career in interior design.

    Category Interior Design Books

  5. Design School Reader - A Course Companion for Students of Graphic Design

    Design School Reader: A Course Companion for Students of Graphic Design

    In this wide-ranging compilation, Steven Heller shares his passion for graphic design with readers, whom he invites to consider that design can be discerned in all things natural and manmade. Developed as content for a class devoted to reading, this collection is not overtly about conventional design, but about a variety of topics viewed through the lens of design.

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  6. Elements of Game Design

    Elements of Game Design

    This book offers an introduction to the basic concepts of game design, focusing on techniques used in commercial game production. It presents a model for analyzing game design in terms of three interconnected levels -mechanics and systems, gameplay, and player experience - and explains how novice game designers can use these three levels as a framework to guide their design process. The text is notable for emphasizing models and vocabulary used in industry practice and focusing on the design of games as dynamic systems of gameplay.

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  7. Articulating Design Decisions

    Articulating Design Decisions

    This practical guide focuses on principles, tactics, and actionable methods for presenting your designs. Whether you design apps, websites, or products, you'll learn how to get support from people who have influence over the project with the goal of creating the best user experience.

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  8. House Industries Lettering Manual

    House Industries Lettering Manual

    House Industries Lettering Manual features exercises, case studies, and typographic models for letter styles such as serif, sans serif, brush, and script--now featuring a new and improved binding. It is an accessible hands-on guide to drawing letters from Ken Barber, House's head letterer and type design director.

    Category Typography Books

  9. Design Line - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

    Design Line: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

    'Design Line: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles' features one hundred iconic boats, bikes, and other examples of creative excellence. This is a comparative history of transportation, illuminated in a visually accessible timeline. Brought to life by Mike Lemanski, this book is a stylish tribute to vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

    Category Transportation Design Books

  10. The Fashion Designer's Textile Directory

    The Fashion Designer's Textile Directory

    The Fashion Designer's Textile Directory features the best fabrics for creating specific garments, explaining how each fabric's qualities make it suitable for various items of apparel. This valuable materials directory for professional dressmakers and fashion designers is also a good reference source for students of fashion design, as well as for those who make their own garments.

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  11. Building Reuse - Sustainability, Preservation, and the Value of Design

    Building Reuse: Sustainability, Preservation, and the Value of Design

    The construction and operation of buildings is responsible for 41 percent of all primary energy use and 48 percent of all carbon emissions, and the impact of the demolition and removal of an older building can greatly diminish the advantages of adding green technologies to new construction. In Building Reuse, Kathryn Rogers Merlino makes an impassioned case that truly sustainable design requires reusing and reimagining existing buildings. Additionally, Merlino calls for a more expansive view of preservation that goes beyond keeping only the most distinctive structures based on their historical and cultural significance to embrace the creative reuse of even unremarkable buildings for their environmental value.

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  12. Shaun Leane

    Shaun Leane

    Celebrated worldwide for his modern romantic jewels that push the boundaries of contemporary design, Shaun Leane has been responsible for creating a new genre of jewelry; precious, poetic, with a sense of eternity, yet relevant to today's world. Illustrated with a breath-taking combination of high fashion shots and detailed close-ups of the pieces themselves. Captured by photographers Nick Knight, Robert Fairer and Chris Moore, along with a dedicated photo essay of unseen backstage images recorded by Leane's close friend Ann Ray.

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  13. Detroit Style - Car Design in the Motor City, 1950-2020

    Detroit Style: Car Design in the Motor City, 1950-2020

    Detroit, nicknamed Motor City, has always been a leader in car design. This book highlights the artistry and influence of Detroit designers working in the industry between 1950 and the present day, giving readers a sumptuously illustrated opportunity to discover the ingenuity of influential figures in postwar American car design. It showcases 12 coupes and sedans, representing both experimental cars created solely for display and iconic production models for the mass market. Dozens of design drawings and images of studio interiors - along with paintings and sculptures - highlight the creative process and dialogue between the American art world and car culture.

    Category Transportation Design Books

  14. Up and Running with AutoCAD 2021

    Up and Running with AutoCAD 2021

    'Up and Running with AutoCAD 2021: 2D and 3D Drawing, Design and Modeling' presents a combination of step-by-step instruction, examples and insightful explanations. The book emphasizes core concepts and practical application of AutoCAD in engineering, architecture and design.

    Category 3D Design Books

  15. Seymour Chwast - Inspiration and Process in Design

    Seymour Chwast: Inspiration and Process in Design

    Seymour Chwast is an American graphic designer known for his diverse body of work and lasting influence on visual culture. He has authored more than thirty children's books, four graphic novels, and several typefaces. In 1954, he co-founded Push Pin Studios (changed to The Pushpin Group in 1985), whose revolutionary work altered the course of contemporary graphic communication in the 1950s and 60s and continues to inspire the field of design worldwide. Chwast's work as a humorist is plainly felt in this biting collection of illustrative work. Sketches from his vast portfolio of unpublished children's books and his cartoon work, such as Karma for Kats and 1001 Beards, are accompanied by interviews by Steven Heller, which explore Chwast's motivations and process.

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  16. Advanced Typography - From Knowledge to Mastery

    Advanced Typography: From Knowledge to Mastery

    In Advanced Typography, expert practitioner and instructor Richard Hunt goes beyond the basics to take your understanding and usage to the next level. Taking a practical approach, the book combines visual, linguistic, historical and psychological systems with the broad range of applications and audiences of type today. From the challenges of designing across media and cultures, to type as information and craft, Hunt marries theoretical context with applied examples so you feel confident in improving your skills as an advanced typographer.

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  17. House of Print

    House of Print

    'House of Print: A Modern Block Printer's Journey Through Color, Texture, and Pattern' is a modern, stylish, and practical exploration of the traditional craft of block printing - from exciting and up-and-coming artisan printmaker Molly Mahon. From the initial design process through to the carving of the block, mixing of the color, and the actual printing process, self-taught textile designer Molly Mahon has always found printing to be meditative. This book enables readers to explore this ancient craft through Molly's contemporary designs and the influences that inspire her use of pattern and color, before teaching the practical skills and potential ways to transform prints into beautiful homeware.

    Category Textile Design Books

  18. Materialising Colour

    Materialising Colour

    Materialising Colour is a coffee table book that dives into the work and methodologies of master colorist Giulio Ridolfo, the man behind the success of many of Kvadrat's beloved contemporary fabric collections and color palettes.

    Category Design Books

  19. Vogue - The Jewellery

    Vogue: The Jewellery

    From couture to costume jewelry, the brilliant pieces featured on the pages of British Vogue for almost a century have encapsulated the fashion zeitgeist of each new age for which they were created. Adorning princesses and rock chicks alike, the jewels shown here reveal a dazzling array of styles and moods - from fairy-tale romance to Jazz-age glamour, sculptural modernism to timeless elegance. On every page, sumptuous jewelry is the star of the show, nourishing dreams in us all. In Vogue: The Jewellery, Vogue's jewelry editor Carol Woolton has curated a collection of more than 300 fabulous images and grouped them into five thematic chapters: Show-stoppers, Rock Chick, Minimalist, Exotic and Classical.

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  20. The New Farm - Contemporary Rural Architecture

    The New Farm: Contemporary Rural Architecture

    Recent generations of farmers have reinvented the family farm and its traditions, embracing organic practices and sustainability and, along with them, a bold new use of modern architecture. The New Farm profiles sixteen contemporary farms around the globe, accompanied by plans and colorful images that highlight the connections among family, food, design, terrain, and heritage.

    Category Architecture Books

  21. About Time - Fashion and Duration

    About Time: Fashion and Duration

    About Time: Fashion and Duration traces the evolution of fashion, from 1870 to the present, through a linear timeline of iconic garments, each paired with an alternate design that jumps forward or backward in time. These unexpected pairings, which relate to one another through shape, motif, material, pattern, technique, or decoration, create a disruptive fashion chronology that conflates notions of past, present, and future.

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  22. Creative Pottery

    Creative Pottery

    Creative Pottery begins with a quick review of where you are in your own journey as a potter. If you need to brush up on the basics, help setting goals, or pointers on how to translate your inspiration into your work, you've come to the right place. The rest of the book is a self-guided journey in which you can choose the techniques and projects that interest you.

    Category Ceramic Design Books

  23. Cool is Everywhere - New and Adaptive Design Across America

    Cool is Everywhere: New and Adaptive Design Across America

    Cool Is Everywhere is a photographic survey of the adaptive reuse design movement in America's coolest cities. Michel Arnaud has been studying the spread of urban life into smaller towns for years now, looking at how today's architects are blending the past with the present in exciting ways. This book highlights remarkable designs that have transformed ordinary buildings into works of art. From North Adams, Massachusetts, to Oakland, California, join Michel as he explores the skyscrapers and quaint neighborhoods that led him to believe that cool is, in fact, everywhere.

    Category Architecture Books

  24. Creative Garden Design - Patterns

    Creative Garden Design: Patterns

    Creative Garden Design: Patterns is a unique and practical reference for creating mood, proportion and scale in the garden. This book features 500+ photographs revealing the hidden patterns in plants, gardens and the wider landscape to inspire plans for gardens of all sizes and illustrate how to appreciate the styles of design in larger gardens andparks.

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  25. Private Gardens of Santa Barbara

    Private Gardens of Santa Barbara

    Private Gardens of Santa Barbara is an invitation into eighteen distinctive private, and beautiful gardens; large estates, modest homes, and surf retreats run the gamut from sublime and naturalistic to bold and urban. What they have in common, however, is what makes them truly inspiring. Showcased through 190 stunning images in more than 250 pages in this elegant coffee table book format, each beautiful landscape represents a widely varied garden style developed in response to the unique character of each site, the architecture, and the larger environment; and adapted to the lifestyle, personality, and practical needs of the individuals and families who live there.

    Category Landscape Design Books

  26. Bold British Design

    Bold British Design

    Bold British Design sees the tastemakers at the epicenter of British interior design share their exclusive advice and inspiration for achieving a bold interior, inspiring you to create your own original, fearless home environment. Designers the world over are increasingly looking to British designers to combine heritage and history with wit and attitude. Interiors Editor Emilio Pimentel-Reid and photographer Sarah Hogan have gained exclusive access to the studios, homes, mood boards and archives of twenty top British creatives. With the interiors creating a visual conversation through the rooms of the houses, the authors reveal the history, craftsmanship, key elements, and inspiration necessary for creating a modern, personal, and stylish interior.

    Category Interior Design Books

  27. Splendor of Marble

    Splendor of Marble

    Splendor of Marble is the first book to examine the many ways this beautiful stone can be incorporated into a home environment, describing the unique nature of marble and the leading role it plays in the best of interior design today. Featured are rooms showcasing marble by many of the world's most prominent decorators, including Kelly Wearstler, Vincente Wolf, Juan Pablo Molyneux, Bjarke Ingels, Ryan Korban, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Robert Kime, the Haas Brothers, and Joseph Dirand, among many others.

    Category Interior Design Books

  28. Chanel - Her Life

    Chanel: Her Life

    Chanel: Her Life explores every facet of Chanel's universe: her fascinating private life as well as the famous icons of her fashion empire: the tweed jacket, the little black dress, N° 5 perfume, the pearls, the camellia. The result is a comprehensive biography that reveals Chanel's style to be the outcome of rigorous elegance, resolute self-belief and a determinedly unconventional stance. The book, designed and with drawings by Karl Lagerfeld, and with a new foreword by Picardie celebrating Lagerfeld's extraordinary time at the House of Chanel, is the definitive biography of the tantalizingly elusive Coco Chanel.

    Category Fashion Books

  29. Culture Sensitive Design - A Guide to Culture in Practice

    Culture Sensitive Design: A Guide to Culture in Practice

    Societies worldwide are increasingly interconnected through trade, migration, education, and digitization. This has resulted in a profound new complexity of cultural groups. Consequently, designers are confronted with the challenge of gaining a clear understanding of this cultural diversity. Culture Sensitive Design provides an overview of theory as well as practical models and methods, aimed to motivate and inspire design students, practitioners, and educators to get in touch with different cultural values, customs, and symbols. It is in order to avoid mistakes that may be obstructive for certain groups of people; to enable cross-cultural cooperation; to learn more about the diverse and complex layers of culture that define who we are, how we think, how we imagine, and how we create; and to open up the design space, thereby creating a tremendous source of new ideas.

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  30. Inspired by Method - Creative Tools for the Design Process

    Inspired by Method: Creative Tools for the Design Process

    Inspired by Method is both a guide to and a source of inspiration. Designing involves individuality and a systematic approach, which we may apply consciously or subconsciously, depending on the project. The 5D-method for inspiration, created by Alexandra Martini, is an incisive little tool that you can use in any design process. It takes away the fear of starting a new project. This method uses the following five dimensions: Formal-Aesthetic Dimension, Haptic Dimension, Production Dimension, Cultural Dimension and Interactive Dimension. It will help you analyze, experiment with and realize your ideas.

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