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  1. Fashion History from the 18th to the 20th Century

    Fashion History from the 18th to the 20th Century

    Showcasing the Kyoto Costume Institute's vast collection, Fashion History is a fascinating excursion through clothing trends from the 18th to the 20th century. Featuring impeccable photography of clothing expertly displayed and arranged on custom-made mannequins, it is a testimony to attire as 'an essential manifestation of our very being' and to the Institute's passion for fashion as a complex and intricate art form.

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  2. Total Design - Architecture and Interiors of Iconic Modern Houses

    Total Design: Architecture and Interiors of Iconic Modern Houses

    Celebrating the ultimate masterpieces of modernist design, from the Arts and Crafts movement up to the twenty-first century, Total Design offers an intimate tour of houses conceived as complete works of art. Each of the spectacular houses making up Total Design demonstrates how an architect realized a unifying vision through all aspects of design-architecture, furniture, fittings, decorative objects, color, and gardens.

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  3. Designed to Sell - The Evolution of Modern Merchandising and Display

    Designed to Sell: The Evolution of Modern Merchandising and Display

    Designed to Sell presents an engaging account of mid-twentieth-century department store design and display in America from the 1930s to the 1960s. It traces the development of postwar philosophies of retail design that embodied aesthetics and function and new modes of merchandise display, resulting in the emergence of a new type of industrial designer.

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  4. Art Deco and British Car Design

    Art Deco and British Car Design

    Art Deco and British Car Design is a book about automotive styling, in particular the streamlined styling that defined what is now known as Airline cars. During the mid-1930s, the majority of British car manufacturers and coachbuilders experimented with streamlined styling. This fashion was the result of Art Deco, an international movement that influenced design and marketing in many different industries, and produced some of the most unique and visually exhilarating cars ever produced in Britain.

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  5. Healthy Placemaking - Wellbeing Through Urban Design

    Healthy Placemaking: Wellbeing Through Urban Design

    In modern-day society the main threats to public health are now considered 'avoidable illnesses,' which are often caused by a lack of exercise and physical activity. Research suggests that architectural and urban design strategies play an important role in reducing the amount of avoidable illnesses by enabling physical activity through healthier streets. This book presents the path to healthier cities through six core themes - urban planning, walkable communities, neighborhood building blocks, movement networks, environmental integration and community empowerment. Each theme is presented with an overview of the issues, the solutions and how to apply them practically with exemplars and precedents.

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  6. Soviet Design - From Constructivism To Modernism 1920-1980

    Soviet Design: From Constructivism To Modernism 1920-1980

    Based on extensive research and drawing on archives that were until recently inaccessible, Kristina Krasnyanskaya and Alexander Semenov document seven decades of interior design in the Soviet Union. They demonstrate that, while often discredited as monotonous, the work of designers, architects, and manufacturers behind the Iron Curtain in fact comprises a remarkable variety of original styles.

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  7. Fashion Design - A Guide to the Industry and the Creative Process

    Fashion Design: A Guide to the Industry and the Creative Process

    By following the design process, from the historical and commercial industry context to the final collection presentation, this book provides a clear guide for students as they discover what designing for fashion entails. Along the way, they will explore a wide variety of hands-on, creative methodologies of design ideation, development, and presentation. Supported by inspirational visual content-fashion photography, fashion illustration, sketchbook artwork, technical drawings, and infographics-and case studies, the book offers a unique overview of the fashion industry.

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  8. The Package Design Book

    The Package Design Book

    Featuring a selection of hundreds of works, this book brings together Pentawards winners from 2008 to 2016, providing a vivid demonstration of creativity in every form of packaging. Readers will discover, through product descriptions and plenty of images, what drives design industry leaders and agencies behind these creations, which permeate all aspects of our everyday lives.

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  9. Sustainable Design for Interior Environments

    Sustainable Design for Interior Environments

    Sustainable Design for Interior Environments, 2nd Edition, builds on the first edition's premise that the interior design profession has a social and moral responsibility to protect the health, safety, and welfare of people and the environment. The text equips professors, students, and practitioners to design sustainable interiors by addressing LEED certification, environmental concerns, ecosystems, ethics, values, worldviews, and the ways in which science and technology can be used to address environmental challenges.

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  10. Win Out - The Best of Sports Graphic Design and Branding

    Win Out: The Best of Sports Graphic Design and Branding

    In sports branding, visual language is key to establishing an identity, creating a fan base and generating positive influence. Win Out: The Best of Sports Graphic Design and Branding showcases more than 80 global designs for sports brands and events, and provides interviews with the designers and contributors. From world-famous games like the Olympics or World Cup, to the lesser-known local fan favorites, Win Out exemplifies the possibilities of marketing in today's competitive field.

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  11. Designing Transparency - Glass in Modern Design

    Designing Transparency: Glass in Modern Design

    Glass has been used for centuries to create tableware or design objects, but now designers from all over the world are pushing the boundaries of the material's optical properties. Playing with transparency can lead to intriguing solutions. The featured designs in this book - such as screens, carafes, lamps, tables, seating, and shelves, all made from glass - show the possibilities for introducing visual lightness into spaces via transparency. Each photograph is accompanied by text describing the designer's connection with glassware artistry and provides analysis of the individual pieces and their visual appeal.

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  12. Introduction to Modern Design

    Introduction to Modern Design

    With some 280 color illustrations, 'Introduction to Modern Design' takes us on a visual survey of design from the industrial revolution of the eighteenth century to the maker movement of today. This book offers a new understanding of the birth of modern design in the early twentieth century and chronicles the way its meaning has changed over the decades. The narrative is supported by twenty-six readings from significant texts by designers and critics, offering readers an opportunity to learn about design from those who created it and those who commented on it as it was done.

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  13. Creating Wooden Jewelry

    Creating Wooden Jewelry

    Creating Wooden Jewelry is a comprehensive guide to creating wooden jewelry that teaches woodworking skills through a series of 24 techniques and beautiful, accessible projects. Inside this book, renowned artist jeweler Sarah King shows any jewelry maker how to expand your range of techniques and combine wood with other media, from silver to silicon. Staring with basic techniques and moving on to advanced, you'll learn skills that include jointing, turning, steaming, polishing, staining, painting, beveling, inlaying, and working with different woods.

    Category Jewelry Design Books

  14. Web Design - The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-Today

    Web Design: The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-Today

    This comprehensive visual history gathers 21 chapters that detail, for every year since 1998, the best websites and examples of hardware used at the time, and explore how user experience, usability, and technological milestones have influenced the development of the internet we use today. Year-by-year factsheets and smart Google insights orient the reader through major developments across such categories as world news headlines, highest-grossing films, new soft and hardware, greatest website traffic, and many more.

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  15. Ezra Stoller - A Photographic History of Modern American Architecture

    Ezra Stoller: A Photographic History of Modern American Architecture

    Ezra Stoller is an architectural photographer of immeasurable consequence in documenting the history of modern architecture - both known and unknown - in the United States and beyond. This book is one of the first to present the breadth of Stoller's largely unseen archive of images, brought to life through exquisite color and duotone black-and-white reproductions.

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  16. Creating Great Places

    Creating Great Places

    This book provides a bold vision and roadmap for creating great places. Imagining and designing urban environments where all people thrive is an extraordinary task, and in this compelling narrative, Cushing and Miller remind us that theory is a powerful starting point. Drawing on international research, illustrated case studies, personal experiences, as well as fascinating examples from history and pop culture, this practical book provides the reader with inspiration, guidance and tools.

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  17. Sketching - The Basics

    Sketching: The Basics

    Sketching the Basics starts with the white sheet of paper or the empty screen and explains the rudiments of learning to draw both clearly and comprehensively, using step by step illustrations, examples and strategies. You will learn to use and master the different techniques and also how to apply sketches in the design process.

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  18. House of Glam

    House of Glam

    Challenging convention with maximalist flair, House of Glam features custom wallpapers, elegant fabrics, and rich marble, as well as mid-century design icons, geometry and echoes of Memphis. A new, young generation of interior designers like David Alhadeff, Cristina Celestino and Nina Yashar with an emphasis on personality are creating homes that aspire to be as unique as their inhabitants, propelling residential design into the future. This diverse architectural landscape of the book is a feast for the eyes, where expressive colors, textures, unusual forms, and exotic materials combine to create a contemporary interpretation of an art deco or classic 1950s Hollywood film set interior.

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  19. The Fundamentals of Illustration

    The Fundamentals of Illustration

    The Fundamentals of Illustration 2nd Edition by Lawrence Zeegen introduces students to the subject of illustration, taking them through the key skills and practical processes required for the study of this exciting degree course. This edition has been updated with a wealth of fresh visuals and contemporary case studies. It includes new and revised content and examples that reflect the changes and developments in the discipline over the past few years. Current visual approaches are examined and evaluated, along with new chapters on visual thinking, idea generation and the illustrator as an artist.

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  20. New Necklaces - 400 Designs in Contemporary Jewellery

    New Necklaces: 400 Designs in Contemporary Jewellery

    New Necklaces is the third book curated by jeweler and author Nicolas Estrada. Featuring a very special selection of impressive pieces by more than 180 artists from all over the world, this book showcases the current trends in contemporary jewelry and how boundaries in concept, materials and techniques are being pushed by jewelry designers today. From those that look back to classic forms and materials to the most daring, experimental and surprising ideas, each of the 500 necklaces included in this book has something that makes it unique and relates strongly to today's social, cultural and artistic reality.

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  21. Dance and Light

    Dance and Light

    Dance and Light examines the interconnected relationship between movement and design, the fluid partnership that exists between the two disciplines, and the approaches that designers can take to enhance dance performances through lighting design. The book demystifies lighting for the dancer and helps designers understand how the dancer/choreographer thinks about their art form, providing insight into the choreographer's process and exploring how designers can make the most of their resources.

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  22. Architectural Digest at 100 - A Century of Style

    Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style

    Architectural Digest at 100 celebrates the best from the pages of the international design authority. The editors have delved into the archives and culled years of rich material covering a range of subjects. Ranging freely between present and past, the book features the personal spaces of dozens of private celebrities like Barack and Michelle Obama, David Bowie, Truman Capote, David Hockney, Michael Kors, and Diana Vreeland, and includes the work of top designers and architects like Frank Gehry, David Hicks, India Mahdavi, Peter Marino, John Fowler, Renzo Mongiardino, Oscar Niemeyer, Axel Vervoordt, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Elsie de Wolfe.

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  23. The Short Story of Architecture

    The Short Story of Architecture

    The Short Story of Architecture is a pocketbook guide to key styles, buildings, elements and materials - a new and innovative guide to the subject of architecture that explores 50 key buildings, from the Great Pyramids to high-tech, sustainable skyscrapers.

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  24. Breaking Ground - Architecture by Women

    Breaking Ground: Architecture by Women

    This book is a ground-breaking visual survey of architecture designed by women from the early twentieth century to the present day. Featuring twentieth-century icons such as Julia Morgan, Eileen Gray and Lina Bo Bardi, and the best contemporary talent, from Kazuyo Sejima to Elizabeth Diller and Grafton Architects, this book is, above all else, a ground-breaking celebration of extraordinary architecture.

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  25. The Food Store

    The Food Store

    The Food Store is a richly photographed and detailed compendium, filled with a smorgasbord of inspiring features of interior design strategies and branding concepts for a wide variety of stores, including bakeries, patisseries, and caf├ęs; restaurants and delicatessens; food companies and catering businesses; ice cream parlors and chocolateries; and much more.

    Category Retail Design Books

  26. Encyclopedia of East Asian Design

    Encyclopedia of East Asian Design

    The Encyclopedia of East Asian Design is the first comprehensive publication to focus on East Asian design and its histories. The work is organized by country to reflect specific regional and national histories and geographies. Within these geographies, traditions, histories, theories & practices, as well as key issues in modern and contemporary design, are considered. The topics covered in these volumes range from ceramics and textiles, interior and architectural design, to environmental and sustainable design.

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  27. Retail Design - Basics Interior Design

    Retail Design: Basics Interior Design

    This second edition of Retail Design examines the latest developments in the contemporary retail design sector worldwide. It guides the reader step by step through the retail design process, providing strategies that can produce a successful retail space and a design that is appropriate for the brand, product, consumer and retailer. A new chapter exploring consumer behavior is combined with clear explanations of branding and identity, to provide the starting point for the design concept.

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  28. Design History Handbook

    Design History Handbook

    Dedicated to the history of design from the mid-19th century to the present, Design History Handbook provides guidelines for the development of design, offering an overarching vision of the subject and at the same time highlighting areas for future investigation. Along with the chronological story, Design History Handbook presents a diachronic approach in which, through in-depth graphics, the story of a single type, material or concept detaches from its historical place to create relationships with similar phenomena of other periods. The volume reproduces 300 color images, many with lavish captions elaborating on each story and leaving room for the reader's interpretation.

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  29. Critical Design in Context - History, Theory, and Practice

    Critical Design in Context: History, Theory, and Practice

    Critical Design is becoming an increasingly influential discipline, affecting policy and practice in a range of fields. Matt Malpass's book is the first to introduce critical design as a field, providing a history of the discipline, outlining its key influences, theories and approaches, and explaining how critical design can work in practice through a range of contemporary examples. Critical Design moves away from traditional approaches that limit design's role to the production of profitable objects, focusing instead on a practice that is interrogative, discursive and experimental. Using a wide range of examples from contemporary practice, and drawing on interviews with key practitioners, Matt Malpass provides an introduction to critical design practice and a manifesto for how a radical and unorthodox practice might provide design answers in an age of austerity and ecological crisis.

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  30. Hi-fi - The History of High-end Audio Design

    Hi-fi: The History of High-end Audio Design

    Hi-fi offers a beyond-cool look at the world of high-end audio design for passionate collectors, obsessive audiophiles, and design fans. This unique book explores just how, when, and why the world fell in love with the look, feel, and sound of top-of-the-line audio equipment. Hi-Fi traces this fascinating evolution from the 1950s to today (and tomorrow), taking readers right up to the current renaissance of all things analog and the emergence of cutting-edge designs for die-hard audiophiles.

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