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  1. Creative Selection - Inside Apple's Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs

    Creative Selection: Inside Apple's Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs

    Hundreds of millions of people use Apple products every day; several thousand work on Apple's campus in Cupertino, California; but only a handful sit at the drawing board. Creative Selection recounts the life of one of the few who worked behind the scenes, a highly-respected software engineer who worked in the final years of the Steve Jobs era―the Golden Age of Apple. Kocienda shares moments of struggle and success, crisis and collaboration, illuminating each with lessons learned over his Apple career. He introduces the essential elements of innovation―inspiration, collaboration, craft, diligence, decisiveness, taste, and empathy―and uses these as a lens through which to understand productive work culture.

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  2. The History of Graphic Design - Vol. 2, 1960-Today

    The History of Graphic Design: Vol. 2, 1960-Today

    This second volume rounds off the most comprehensive exploration of graphic design to date, spanning from the 1960s until today. About 2,500 seminal designs from across the globe guide us in this visual map through contemporary history, from the establishment of the International Style to the rise of the groundbreaking digital age. Around 130 key pieces go under the microscope in detailed analyses besides 120 biographies of the era's most important designers, including Massimo Vignelli (New York subway wayfinding system), Otl Aicher (Lufthansa identity), Yusaku Kamekura (Nikon poster campaign), Paula Scher (Citibank brand identity), Neville Brody (The Face magazine), and Stefan Sagmeister (handwriting posters).

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  3. History of Graphic Design - Vol. 1, 1890-1959

    History of Graphic Design: Vol. 1, 1890-1959

    This book offers a comprehensive history of graphic design from the end of the 19th century to the remains of World War II. It traces the evolution of this creative field from its beginning as poster design to its further development into advertising, corporate identity, packaging, and editorial design. Organized chronologically, the volume features over 2,500 seminal designs from all over the world, 71 of which are profiled in detail besides 61 leaders in the field, including Alphonse Mucha (chocolate advertisements), Edward Johnston (London Underground logo and typeface), El Lissitzky (constructivist graphics), Herbert Matter (photomontage travel posters from Switzerland), Saul Bass (animated opening titles), and A. M. Cassandre (art deco posters).

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  4. Pattern Cutting - The Architecture of Fashion

    Pattern Cutting: The Architecture of Fashion

    Pattern cutting, or pattern making, is an essential yet complex skill for every fashion designer to master. Pattern Cutting: The Architecture of Fashion demystifies the pattern cutting process and clearly demonstrates pattern fundamentals, enabling you to construct in both 2D and 3D, and quickly get to grips with basic blocks, shape, sleeves, collars, trousers, pockets and finishes.

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  5. History of Interior Design

    History of Interior Design

    History of Interior Design is a comprehensive survey covering the design history of architecture, interiors, and furniture in civilizations all over the world, from ancient times to the present. Each chapter begins with background information about the social and cultural context and technical innovations of the period and place, and illustrates their impact on interior design motifs. Throughout the text, cross-cultural influences of styles and design solutions are highlighted, demonstrating how interior design has evolved as a continuing exchange of ideas.

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  6. The Complete Zaha Hadid

    The Complete Zaha Hadid

    Zaha Hadid (1950- 2016) was one of the most innovative and celebrated architects of our time. This comprehensive survey of over two hundred projects―from her earliest experimentations to product design, from speculative follies to large-scale built works―is a testament to the depth, range, and inventiveness of her vision.

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  7. Interiors Beyond Architecture

    Interiors Beyond Architecture

    Interiors Beyond Architecture proposes an expanded impact for interior design that transcends the inside of buildings, analysing significant interiors that engage space outside of the disciplinary boundaries of architecture. It presents contemporary case studies from a historically nuanced and theoretically informed perspective, presenting a series of often-radical propositions about the nature of the interior itself. Internationally renowned contributors from the UK, USA and New Zealand present ten typologically specific chapters including: Interiors Formed with Nature, Adaptively Reused Structures, Mobile Interiors, Inhabitable art, Interiors for Display and On Display, Film Sets, Infrastructural Interiors, Interiors for Extreme Environments, Interior Landscapes, and Exterior Interiors.

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  8. The Architecture Reference and Specification Book

    The Architecture Reference & Specification Book

    The updated and revised edition of Architecture Reference & Specification contains vital information that's essential to planning and executing architectural projects of all shapes and sizes, all in a format that is small enough to carry anywhere. It distills the data provided in standard architectural volumes and is an easy-to-use reference for the most indispensable--and most requested--types of architectural information.

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  9. Design. Think. Make. Break. Repeat.

    Design. Think. Make. Break. Repeat.

    Design. Think. Make. Break. Repeat. provides a comprehensive collection of 60 methods applicable to any design innovation project. This handbook provides a flexible, interactive learning resource for anyone interested in learning about design thinking methods and their use for product and service innovation. It includes easy-to-follow exercises for each method along with ready-to-use templates and tools, case studies and design challenges. The book features 60 methods that were selected from across the design disciplines of product design, service design, design innovation, interaction design and user experience design.

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  10. The $39 Mustache Comb - The Start-Up Guide to Manufacturing

    The $39 Mustache Comb: The Start-Up Guide to Manufacturing

    To reach the low price that consumers have come to expect, you must produce a large quantity of your product in an efficient way so that the individual price becomes low. To set up efficient production you must design your product with care, select the right materials, choose appropriate fabrication processes, and invest in expensive tooling. The $39 Mustache Comb is your guide to navigating the manufacturing jungle so that you can bring your revolutionary product to life.

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  11. Reportage Illustration - Visual Journalism

    Reportage Illustration: Visual Journalism

    The power of reportage drawing is in the immediacy of the images that are created and the feeling of the illustrator's presence on location. Comparable in some ways to photojournalism, reportage illustrators are acting as visual journalists, proactively creating narrative work about issues and subjects, translating what they witness into handmade imagery. There is evidence that illustrations connect to people in powerful ways whether they are drawings created while embedded with troops in Afghanistan, documenting during a courtroom trial or recreating the energy of the crowd at a rock concert. This area of applied illustration also provides career opportunities for students and takes them out of the classroom and into different environments and situations. This book features practical information about tools, techniques and coping in various situations as well as inspirational interviews and advice from reportage artists working in the field.

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  12. Art as Jewellery - From Calder to Kapoor

    Art as Jewellery: From Calder to Kapoor

    Art as Jewellery is a visually stunning introduction to jewellery made by the titans of twentieth and twenty-first century art. From Salvador Dalí, Man Ray, Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso, through to Anish Kapoor, Damien Hirst and Grayson Perry, the great figures of modern art have all turned both thought and talent to jewellery. Often, they have eschewed the traditional jeweller's preoccupation with material value and provenance, more concerned with the conceptual or aesthetic significance of their work. By using contemporary pictures, Art as Jewellery develops a chronological timeline of jewellery presentation. Its pages are home to a stunning variety of design sketches and photographs. Some were shot by renowned 20th century photographers, such as Ugo Mulas and Antonia Mulas, while others have been buried in archives for decades, unseen since the '60s. In contrast, modern works have been given model treatment by top photographer Alexander English, making this book a glamorous blend of new and classic jewellery art.

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  13. Ebbe Weiss-Weingart - 70 Years of Jewellery

    Ebbe Weiss-Weingart: 70 Years of Jewellery

    Ebbe Weiss-Weingart is one of the pioneers of international studio jewelry. For over seventy years she has enriched the contemporary jewelry scene with her diverse works. Her inception in the 1950s and 1960s with structured surfaces and galvanised sculptured pieces will never be forgotten. Alongside figurative motifs - in particular, her portrayals of humans and animals - she also created pieces with an ironic and quirky touch. In her last phase of creativity, which began in the 1990s, she had a penchant for working with jewelry made from Chinese jade reliefs. Around 200 illustrations of these jewelry objects documents her award-winning work, and along with previously unpublished photographic material, expands on her hitherto unknown accomplishments.

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  14. This is Service Design Doing - Applying Service Design Thinking in the Real World

    This is Service Design Doing: Applying Service Design Thinking in the Real World

    How can you establish a customer-centric culture in an organization? This is the first comprehensive book on how to actually do service design to improve the quality and the interaction between service providers and customers. You'll learn specific facilitation guidelines on how to run workshops, perform all of the main service design methods, implement concepts in reality, and embed service design successfully in an organization.

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  15. Computational Interaction

    Computational Interaction

    This book presents computational interaction as an approach to explaining and enhancing the interaction between humans and information technology. Computational interaction applies abstraction, automation, and analysis to inform our understanding of the structure of interaction and also to inform the design of the software that drives new and exciting human-computer interfaces. The methods of computational interaction allow, for example, designers to identify user interfaces that are optimal against some objective criteria. This book introduces computational interaction design to the reader by exploring a wide range of computational interaction techniques, strategies and methods. It explains how techniques such as optimization, economic modeling, machine learning, control theory, formal methods, cognitive models and statistical language processing can be used to model interaction and design more expressive, efficient and versatile interaction.

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  16. The Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide

    The Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide

    The Ultimate Concept Art Career is a comprehensive guide to launching and evolving a career in the digital art industries, with helpful insights and advice from experienced freelance artists, industry professionals, and studios. This book features top tips and articles that teach you how to create a winning portfolio, develop your social media presence, and handle the ups and downs of an art career.

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  17. Games User Research

    Games User Research

    Games live and die commercially on the player experience. Games User Research is collectively the way the designer optimizes the quality of the user experience (UX) in games, working with all aspects of a game from the mechanics and interface, visuals and art, interaction and progression, making sure every element works in concert and supports the game UX. This book aims to be the go-to resource for everyone working with players and games or other interactive entertainment products. It is accessible to those new to Games User Research, while being deeply comprehensive and insightful for even hardened veterans of the game industry. In this book, dozens of veterans share their wisdom and best practices on how to plan user research, obtain the actionable insights from users, conduct user-centred testing, which methods to use when, how platforms influence user research practices, and much, much more.

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  18. Miller's Mid-century Modern

    Miller's Mid-century Modern

    From the 'soft modernism' of Scandinavian furniture to the sleek, clean lines of the lighting created by the Castiglioni brothers in Italy, Judith Miller's Mid-century Modern takes an in-depth look at the artefacts and designers that shaped one of the most exciting periods of design history.

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  19. Ingenious - Product Design that Works

    Ingenious: Product Design that Works

    The main task for modern product designers is how to combine creativity and functionality. This book showcases different types of products such as furniture and industrial designs for the household and personal use, introducing projects from all over the world. It includes product descriptions, photographs, and designers' sketches showing the design processes.

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  20. The Other Moderns - Sydney's Forgotten European Design Legacy

    The Other Moderns: Sydney's Forgotten European Design Legacy

    The Other Moderns uncovers the work of Sydney's forgotten émigré architects, interior designers, and furniture makers working from the 1930s to 1960s, and reveals their groundbreaking impact on modernist design. Highlighting the direct connections between Sydney and the European design centers of Vienna, Berlin, and Budapest, the book provides a new understanding of modernism. Profiling the work of architects like Henry Epstein and Hugo Stossel, along with Gerstl Furniture, The Other Moderns tells the story of the network of architects, designers, property developers, retailers, and photographers working together to bring a distinctly European style to mid-century Australia. Richly illustrated with rare photography, including stunning images from Austrian-born photographer Margaret Michaelis, and furniture from the collection of Hotel Hotel Canberra, the book explores the work of this unacknowledged group of style makers for the first time.

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  21. Goods 3 - Interior Products from Sketch to Use

    Goods 3: Interior Products from Sketch to Use

    Goods 3 features fifty iconic interior products from well-known designers and manufacturers from around the world. Each product is shown on eight pages from initial design sketch to its use in recently-designed interiors. Step-by-step descriptions with many drawings and photographs show how the furniture and products are designed and made.

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  22. Golf Car Classics - 1949-1969

    Golf Car Classics: 1949-1969

    Golf Car Classics is richly illustrated with more than 500 photographs and ads from the period 1949 through 1969. It includes over 200 different golf car designs, 142 different manufacturers and 85 golf cars that can be found in the Legends Golf Car Museum. It provides a glimpse into the innovative designs that saw not only a rapidly developing market niche for entrepeneurs but also a means to grow the game and give access to the game of golf to all, irrespective of physical ability.

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  23. Advertising and Promotion

    Advertising and Promotion

    Using a wide range of visual examples and case studies, Advertising and Promotion 4th edition introduces the reader to the key concepts, methods and issues and illustrates these with first-hand examples gathered from leading international advertising agencies and brand campaigns. Told from the perspective of the agency, it gives a fun and creative insider view helping the reader to think beyond the client position and understand what it might be like working within an ad agency.

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  24. Ogilvy on Advertising in the Digital Age

    Ogilvy on Advertising in the Digital Age

    From Miles Young, worldwide non-executive chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, comes a sequel to David Ogilvy's bestselling advertising handbook featuring essential strategies for the digital age. In this must-have sequel to the bestselling Ogilvy On Advertising, Ogilvy chairman Miles Young provides top insider secrets and strategies for successful advertising in the Digital Revolution. As comprehensive as its predecessor was for print and TV, this indispensable handbook dives deep into the digital ecosystem, discusses how to best collect and utilize data-the currency of the digital age-to convert sales specifically on screen, breaks down when and how to market to millennials, highlights the top five current industry giants, suggests best practices from brand response to social media, and offers 13 trend predictions for the future.

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  25. Freehand - New Typography Sketchbooks

    Freehand: New Typography Sketchbooks

    Page through the personal sketchbooks of the most influential and inventive illustrators and typographers working today. This rich compendium of typographic ideas stresses the importance of typographic thinking at a time when reading habits are evolving, while celebrating the varied and innovative ways that designers practice this time-honored craft.

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  26. Interdisciplinary Interaction Design

    Interdisciplinary Interaction Design

    Interaction design has many dimensions; for example, this book addresses how people deal with words, read images, explore physical space, and think about time and motion, and how actions and responses affect human behavior.

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  27. Simple and Usable

    Simple and Usable

    Simplicity is a discipline that can be learned. This book shows you how-with humor, powerful examples, quotes, and case studies. This new edition has been updated to provide fresh advice for teams struggling to satisfy the conflicting demands of their stakeholders; it addresses important trends in technology; and it shows how four simple rules of simplicity can be applied to new and emerging types of interaction.

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