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  1. Joseph Design

    Joseph Design

    Joseph Design creates products, brands, and digital experiences that people love. We are design thinkers. We focus on solving complex problems for businesses using design and clarity of thought. We draw on our deep expertise across multiple disciplines such as industrial design, digital UI/UX design, user experience, brand identity, and packaging design to bring products, brands and companies to life.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  2. Etch Interiors

    Etch Interiors

    Etch specializes in providing clients with customized and innovative interior designs. Despite the high-end craftsmanship, we offer economical prices and prompt installation. We strive to create appealing interior designs for various UK markets, whether it's residential or commercial property. The attractive designs and efficient installations always ensure client satisfaction.

    Category Interior Design Studios

  3. Rosie Kent

    Rosie Kent

    Rosie Kent creates timeless treasures influenced by the past across ready-to-wear collections and bespoke commissions. All jewelry is designed and handmade in the Peak District. We also work with skilled craftspeople in London and Birmingham.

    Category Jewelry Designers

  4. Carolin Zeyher

    Carolin Zeyher

    Carolin Zeyher is a Berlin based interior & product designer. Her work is a tribute to her love for natural, high-quality materials and sustainable, responsible craftsmanship - including ethical treatment of all people involved in production.

    Category Furniture Designers

  5. Peter Stathis and Virtual Studio

    Peter Stathis & Virtual Studio

    Virtual Studio is a collaborative design venture with a specialization in the development of products, furnishings, lighting and accessories for home, office and hospitality, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are equal parts office and atelier, and as a result, are both a client-led service design bureau as well as an independent licensing-venture studio. Clients and collaborators range from Amazon to Uber.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  6. DD London

    DD London

    DD London is an award-winning, full service creative agency crafting design and marketing concepts for global prestige brands. Our focus is on thoughtfully transforming and elevating brands whilst communicating timeless stories that deepen engagement through considered design. We believe in a collaborative approach to projects, working closely with our clients to deliver tailored creative solutions.

    Category Branding Design Studios

  7. FCS


    FCS is an award-winning workplace and office interior design and planning firm that is trusted by leading global companies to provide inspiring corporate offices and workplaces in Asia. Established in Hong Kong more than two decades ago, FCS is a leader in human-centered space planning & design and helps clients to create interior spaces that improve employee performance.

    Category Interior Design Companies

  8. Clever Creative

    Clever Creative

    Clever Creative is an independent, women-owned, and operated creative branding agency based in LA. We connect real humans to honest brands through strategic thinking and memorable design. Our disciplined, experienced and agile team provides left-brain logic and right-brain creativity in the work we create for brands across the globe and growth chart.

    Category Branding Design Companies

  9. Reich&Petch


    Founded in 1987, Reich&Petch is an international multidisciplinary design firm with offices in Toronto and New York. Our work influences how people learn, interact, experience and ultimately understand the world around them. Through our open and collaborative process, we make content accessible through memorable design. We turn ideas into engaging environments and transform opportunities into results.

    Category Exhibition Design Companies

  10. Verbeek Designs

    Verbeek Designs

    Verbeek is one of the world's leading studios in creating images for the interior and paper industry. We have a broad all-year-round collection of high-quality, sophisticated and contemporary designs. Our studio combines years of experience with innovation and inquisitiveness. Located in the creative heart of Eindhoven, one of the most prominent design cities in the world, we are continuously inspired by a dynamic, innovative environment.

    Category Print Design Studios

  11. Union Design

    Union Design

    UNION is an award-winning product design firm founded by Shaun Smith and Jeff Theesfeld. Both graduates of Philadelphia University with degrees in industrial design, the pair first forged a partnership as owners of renowned furniture design and development firm, Shea+Latone. With UNION, they have taken their years of product design and development experience to create a design studio that focuses on creating simple, yet beautiful, designs while striving for function at its best.

    Category Furniture Design Companies

  12. Phox


    Phox is an industrial design studio that aims to create innovative projects with great quality. With our industrial and product design knowledge, we support our clients during the whole project development: from the concept design to the product engineering.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  13. Khaya Studio

    Khaya Studio

    Khaya was born out of a belief that there is a different way to design interiors - and that the result can still be beautiful. We believe in designing with a conscience - thinking about both the origin and the ultimate destination, of objects and materials. We work with what already exists in a space and transform it into something functional and desirable.

    Category Interior Design Studios

  14. Tactic


    Tactic is an immersive creative and production studio situated at the convergence of design and technology. Its team of engineers and designers specialize in experiences and products centered around new digital formats: virtual reality, augmented reality, gesture tech, mobile apps, and real-time 3D experiences made with game engines.

    Category 3D Design Companies