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  1. Rose Ink Workshop

    Rose Ink Workshop

    Rose Ink Workshop is a multidisciplinary firm that specializes in hospitality interiors. Placing extra emphasis on crafting unique branded experiences, RIW creates art directed spaces and tell stories. Led by Liubasha Rose, RIW is a group of creatives from different areas of hospitality design including interiors, branding, graphics, fashion, OS+E and a crew of project by project stylists.

    recent news Rose Ink Workshop Renovates Hotel Triton

    category Interior Design Companies

  2. Maturos New York

    Maturos New York

    Maturos captures the essence of lux-leisure with unexpected elements, creating stylish, versatile and current staples that embrace the now in a sophisticated manner. Bridging with street sensibility and femininity that is effortless, chic and cool.

    category Fashion Brands

  3. Morisawa


    Morisawa is Japan's leading font foundry. Morisawa is passionate about fonts and type and is constantly forging ahead with the creation of innovative new typefaces.

    category Type Foundries

  4. Carpenter Collective

    Carpenter Collective

    Carpenter Collective is led by partners, Jessica and Tad Carpenter. The pair have been collaborating together since the day they met in design school over a dozen years ago. Since then, they've earned a national reputation for creating powerful brand experiences and unique visual storytelling with a whimsical wink.

    category Branding Design Studios

  5. Alastair Philip Wiper

    Alastair Philip Wiper

    Alastair Philip Wiper is an English photographer and based in Copenhagen and working worldwide. From the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, to giant shipyards in South Korea and radio observatories in Peru I work with the weird and wonderful subjects of industry, science, architecture, and the things that go on behind the scenes.

    recent news Johannes Torpe Studios Designs Futuristic Dream Universe for the Pro-tour Bicycles from Argon 18

    category Photographers

  6. Space Matrix

    Space Matrix

    Founded in 2001, our design practice has evolved into a dynamic, agile, 21st ­century digital enterprise. We transform workspaces to create unique, immersive environments that are intuitive to employees needs, thereby helping our clients become more profitable, sustainable and ready to embrace the future. We have relevant project experience in over 55 cities and 14 office locations in Australia, China, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore (HQ), and the United States.

    category Interior Design Companies

  7. Zach Griggs Design

    Zach Griggs Design

    Zach Griggs Design is a small and versatile product design & engineering studio based in Atlanta, Georgia. With our scalable network of designers, engineers, and manufacturers, we offer a lean and affordable solution to new product development and prototyping for small startups or large corporations.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  8. Cadabra Studio

    Cadabra Studio

    Cadabra is a web & UI/UX design and development company offering full guidance to exceed your grandest expectations. Our designers are very creative and open to new tendencies people.

    category Web Design Studios

  9. Make it Clear

    Make it Clear

    We are a London based design agency who help large organizations communicate clearly about their technology-based products and services. We create research-led design solutions that focus on clarity to improve interactions, drive results and reduce costs.

    category Communication Design Studios

  10. Henning Product Development

    Henning Product Development

    Henning Product Development has over 20 years of experience in new product development, product design, market research, proof-of-concept models, aesthetic models and pre-production validation models for consumer products and medical equipment device manufacturers. We have made prototypes and presentation models for buyers at top retailers including The Home Depot, Lowe's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and more. We have also made pre-production functional parts that look like they come right off the assembly line for plumbing, lighting, medical and recreational products.

    category Industrial Design Companies

  11. ecoLogicStudio


    ecoLogicStudio is an architectural and urban design practice dedicated to bio-digital design for the definition of a new 'ecology' of space and behavior. Founded in London in 2005 by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, the office has earned an international reputation for its innovative work on 'systemic' design - a method defined by the combination and integration of systemic thinking, computational design, biotechnology and prototyping.

    recent news ecoLogicStudio Creates Bio-digital Urban Curtain to Fight Global Climate Change

    category Sustainable Design Studios

  12. NAARO


    NAARO is the architectural photography studio led by Freya Najade and Marcela Spadaro. Our passion is the documentation of innovative architecture that produces a positive impact on the built environment.

    category Photography Studios

  13. Straight Forward Design

    Straight Forward Design

    Straight Forward Design has this philosophy: it believes that by putting people first, at the heart of its culture, it can unlock growth in both the brands it works on and the individuals it works with. From its studio in London's Fitzrovia, the Straight Forward Design team has spent the past ten years creating compelling brand strategies, impactful design and effective communications with a diverse group of clients, including Tusting, betty, Mars and PepsiCo.

    recent news Straight Forward Design Rebrands 'Unsung' British Leather Goods Brand Tusting

    category Branding Design Studios