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  1. Belmont Freeman Architects

    Belmont Freeman Architects

    Belmont Freeman Architects is an award-winning design firm that provides architectural services to institutional, commercial, and residential clients. The firm enjoys a reputation for innovative design, highly personalized service, and efficient management of the most complex construction and renovation projects. It has received numerous awards for its work, which has been published widely in the international design press. Founded in 1986 and based in New York City, the firm has built work in North America, Europe and Asia.

    category Architecture Companies

  2. Pixetic


    Pixetic is a digital design agency driven by the passion to design, attention to details, and desire to build simple and minimalistic products without any of the excessive embellishment. Agency's aim is creating unique digital products to reflect the brand's values and identity. Pixetic's main belief is that the faith in the idea is at the core of achieving great results. By understanding and believing in the idea, Pixetic strives to add some meaning to it, which in return adds value.

    category Web Design Studios

  3. How Might We

    How Might We

    We are a UX and Desing Thinking company based in Cape Town South Africa. We specialize in UX for healthcare but have also worked in many other industries too. We offer customer research, service design and product design.

    category Interaction Design Consultancies

  4. Gris


    Gris is an industrial and product design studio based in Madrid. The studio provides consultancy on consumer and technological goods with a novel combination of research, creativity and computation.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  5. Design Eye Q

    Design Eye Q

    Design Eye Q is a transportation and product design studio. We make cool things using good design. The studio has worked with and led some groundbreaking products for industry leaders since 2008. Design Eye-Q, and it's partners have decades of experience in product design, composite materials, manufacturing, prototyping, and delivering under the tightest of deadlines.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  6. Kevuru Games

    Kevuru Games

    Kevuru Games is a game design and development company, which provides professional outsourcing game design and development services including character design, 2D/3D modeling, animation, concept art, casual/AAA Unity/Unreal game development, and more depending on your vision.

    category Game Design Companies

  7. 219 Design

    219 Design

    219 Design is a Silicon Valley-based product engineering company with in-house mechanical, electronic, software, and firmware expertise specializing in smart products.

    category Engineering Design Companies

  8. Designants


    Designants is a creative design studio with multiple disciplines, whose passion is the arch of creativity and imagination. We believe that great ideas are the center of all business and the core of all strategic momentum.

    category Graphic Design Studios

  9. Ahackenberg Design

    Ahackenberg Design

    Ahackenberg is a design agency with almost twenty years of experience in creating innovative product solutions. From the first sketch ideas to final market solutions, we holistically care about our well-known national as well as international clients of different branches.

    category Industrial Design Companies

  10. Arrival


    Arrival is a technology company creating the World's first Generation 2.0 Electric vehicles. Arrival has a diverse blend of industrial and product designers, engineers and software developers from some of the world's most renowned tech companies. Together the team are reimagining vehicles to confront legacy industry challenges to achieve cost parity with combustion equivalents.

    category Transportation Design Companies

  11. Hatch Duo

    Hatch Duo

    Founded by an award winning team with over 20 years of combined product design experience, Hatch Duo designs compelling product experiences for growing brands. Our deep expertise and proven track record should assure any client, large or small, that each project will be thoughtfully designed and meticulously delivered.

    category Industrial Design Companies

  12. Zeitraum


    Zeitraum is a sustainable furniture brand located in the south of Munich. We have followed the principle of combining ideas, design, and ecology since we were founded in 1990. We process only hardwoods from sustainable forestry and forego chemical treatment of the wood. The surfaces are treated with organic oils and left porous, allowing our furniture to breathe and retaining their natural character.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  13. Sitland


    Established in Vicenza in 1977, Sitland has long been a leader in engineering research and state-of-the-art technology applied to office and collective seating solutions. The story of Sitland is characterized by passion and commitment, creativity and research, design and technology.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  14. NORR11


    Founded in 2011, NORR11 is a Danish furniture brand. At NORR11 we strive to reinvent and rethink Scandinavian design to create timeless pieces of furniture, combining the past and the present. We collaborate with innovative young designers and work with the best manufacturers and suppliers to produce products of superb craftsmanship and quality.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  15. Miniforms


    Miniforms believes that elegance is no more a dark and boring aesthetic, but a colorful and vibrant attitude. So, every product has a strong and iconic appeal and it's available in many finishes. Every object interacts to convey enthusiasm and lightness, with a touch of significant everyday elegance.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  16. Manutti


    For almost two decades, Manutti has focussed on the design and creation of luxury outdoor furniture as distinctive as our customers. All of our iconic tables, chairs, footrests, loungers and sofas incorporate the colors of the natural world and entice people to gather with their friends and families in luxury at any time of the day.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  17. VONDOM


    VONDOM is a leader company of avant-garde outdoor furniture, pots, planters, lamps and rugs for modern indoor & outdoor commercial spaces.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  18. Rolf Benz

    Rolf Benz

    Rolf Benz is one of the pioneers of German design culture. From its inception in Nagold in the Black Forest in 1964, Rolf Benz quickly developed to become the avant-garde manufacturer of sofas that harmonize perfectly with their contemporary lifestyle.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  19. Gunlocke


    Gunlocke creates contract furniture and seating solutions for some of the world's most demanding clients. We have an established tradition of quality craftsmanship, technical expertise, and outstanding customer service.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  20. COR


    COR was established in 1954 by Helmut Lübke and the Prince of Bentheim- Tecklenburg. The owner-managed seating furniture manufacturer based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück today employs over 200 people and produces exclusively in Germany. The international and multi-award-winning design brand COR is distributed worldwide.

    Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  21. Reflex Angelo

    Reflex Angelo

    Reflex Angelo is an Italian furnishings brand, aimed to provide a new expression and unique meaning to the crystal furniture. Reflex Angelo is synonymous with crystal as it was the first company ever to use Murano glass as a base for its tables. Besides being an innovator in the crystal technology, the high-end furniture brand also focuses its efforts on using high-quality materials, such as marble, wood and forged iron.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  22. Resource Furniture

    Resource Furniture

    Resource Furniture is a leading provider of European-made multifunctional furniture for the flexible, modern home. Resource offers a varied collection of innovative pieces designed to elevate living, dining, and working including wall beds, transforming tables, and seating. The collection strikes a balance between elegance and functionality making it a staple for the creative-minded who have an appreciation for the upscale and inventive.

    category Furniture Stores

  23. MDF Italia

    MDF Italia

    MDF Italia is a Milan-based design company manufacturing furniture - based on innovation, design, removal of the superfluous and development of new materials.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  24. Exposure NY

    Exposure NY

    Exposure NY is a photography and stylist agency in New York City. In 1996, Stacy Fischer created Exposure NY from a desire to think outside of the box when it came to representing talent and establishing client relationships. Exposure NY's roster includes a diverse group of photographers, set designers, hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion stylists, and nail technicians with a team of agents and in-house producers who provide an exceptional level of attention to both the artists and their clients.

    category Photography Agencies

  25. Tribù


    Tribù is a mix of contemporary elegance, distinctive purity and individual modernism that doesn't feel tired, even after years of enjoyment. The characteristically delicate detailing of Tribù modern outdoor furniture denotes a finesse that can be compared to that of the finest interior furniture.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  26. Arflex


    Arflex is a furniture company dedicated to developing healthy, intelligent, inspiring and durable solutions for home and for public spaces. Arflex works with the most famous architects and is very well known all over the world.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  27. Ditre Italia

    Ditre Italia

    Ditre Italia is an Italian company specialized since 1976 in the production of upholstered furniture. The brand produces high-quality products using only top quality leathers and cutting-edge technologies.

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  28. Oluce


    Founded in 1945, Oluce is the oldest Italian design company in the illumination sector still in operation today. The design qualities of the lamps make them icons that communicate across the generations to become an integral part of the homes they furnish.

    category Lighting Manufacturers