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  1. Studio Doozy

    Studio Doozy

    Studio Doozy is a healthcare and lifestyle design & technology consultancy based in Hong Kong. Founded by Emily Tang and Joan Calduch, the studio focuses on building products and experiences that improve people's lives. Studio Doozy works with a bottom-up approach, engaging the end-user throughout the design process and applying design thinking methodologies to solve our clients' problems and deliver unique experiences.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  2. Ryan Paonessa

    Ryan Paonessa

    Ryan Paonessa is a North Alabama-based graphic designer focused on web and brand identity. With over 16 years of professional experience in graphic design and front-end development, Ryan has collaborated with companies of all sizes, both domestically and internationally, to craft recognizable brands, websites, and award-winning visual design solutions.

    Category Graphic Designers

  3. Free The Birds

    Free The Birds

    Free The Birds is a creative agency that elevates brands through beautiful thinking. Since 1997, the agency has created meaningful identities for brands giving them a soul and driving awareness, affection and sales. Free the Birds has a strong heritage in the beauty, homecare and health & wellness sectors, as well as food and drink, with clients including Bayer, Coty, Lindt and P&G.

    Category Branding Design Consultancies

  4. Andrew Keithly

    Andrew Keithly

    Andrew Keithly helps the construction industry build brand awareness with professional photography and video production services. Our clients are architects, general contractors, and other construction-related companies wanting hands-down awesome photography and video.

    Category Architectural Photographers

  5. Movie Mogul Productions

    Movie Mogul Productions

    Since 2011, Movie Mogul has been producing motion pictures and stills for brands and ad agencies across the country. We tell stories that engage the heart and ignite the imagination. Our goal is to push beyond the boundaries of possibility and produce the best creative imaginable. We work with some of the best directors, cinematographers and photographers to create unforgettable stories.

    Category Film & Cinematography Companies

  6. Senger Design Group

    Senger Design Group

    Senger is an award-winning, full-service interior design firm founded in 1991 in Colorado. The SDG team specializes in energy-efficient and sustainable interior design for commercial, residential, hospitality, multifamily, government, and historic design projects across the country.

    Category Interior Design Companies

  7. Dewan


    Dewan is an international AEC firm with offices in seven countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia that specializes in mixed-use, hospitality, residential, commercial, education, retail, and urban planning. Established in 1984, the firm has been at the forefront of the Middle East's booming architectural and engineering design sector for almost three decades.

    Category Architecture Companies

  8. Goa


    Goa is a creative studio based in Istanbul that turns ideas into powerful designs and works with international brands. We are a team of industrial, interior and graphic designers and mechanical engineers who work together for global brands.

    Category Furniture Design Studios

  9. James De Wulf

    James De Wulf

    Based in Los Angeles, James De Wulf creates avant-garde, concrete couture. His works include statement pieces that challenge the common notion of time in space: a ping pong table made of a single concrete piece, a fire pit to gather around, and a bold geometric armchair.

    News James De Wulf Debuts EXO Series

    Category Craft Designers

  10. Joba


    Joba is an award-winning design, marketing and communications studio in Blacksburg, VA. Through impactful design and compelling communications, we provide the total brand experience to local, national, and international brands in order to reach audiences in a way that matters.

    Category Advertising Design Studios

  11. Foxhill Arts

    Foxhill Arts

    Foxhill Arts is a Sweden-based audio post-production & sound design company. We specialize in the world of audio - through our careful audio mixing & refinement methods, we're helping various companies to achieve that premium sound. We do all stages of audio post. Our sound design involves recording, processing & finalizing aural palettes for each project. With the use of modern, high-quality recording methods, we create everything from the ground up.

    Category Sound Design Companies

  12. fst


    fst is a strategy-led design agency working to solve business problems to build the brands of the future. We work primarily in brand and campaigns, across a wide range of sectors, in a variety of media. Whether it's building a brand from scratch or creating campaigns for an established one, our approach doesn't change. Being strategy-led means the idea always precedes the execution, form always follows function.

    Category Branding Design Companies

  13. DixonBaxi


    Founded in 2001, DixonBaxi is a brand and design consultancy using creativity to design a better future. From our London studio, we collaborate with brands and in-house creative teams all over the world. We're proud to have a highly talented, cross-functional team of creative people with diverse perspectives. It makes for a rich, vibrant, open environment full of ideas, opinions, and experience.

    Category Branding Design Consultancies

  14. Kore


    Kore is a design studio founded by art director Cristian Costea and branding graphic designer Victor Bartis. The studio works at the crossroads of creative strategy and design, to create brands, but also to write their success stories. With studios in Berlin and Bucharest, our studio operates internationally.

    Category Graphic Design Studios

  15. PHAEDRUS Studio

    PHAEDRUS Studio

    PHAEDRUS Studio is an award-winning Toronto and New York-based design and architecture practice working across and between disciplines to design and create objects, spaces, and architecture. Driven by an understanding and passion for art, craft, and technology, we emphasize design solutions that perform over preconceived notions of style.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  16. Cornelius Creative

    Cornelius Creative

    Cornelius Creative is a product design and marketing consultancy specializing in bringing new and innovative ideas to market. We combine technical expertise with creative design and weave commerciality into every product we develop. Working closely with our clients to fully understand their business and customers, we create a seamless process to develop commercially successful products that bring joy to the end-user.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  17. Ambientec


    Ambientec, founded by Yoshinori Kuno, builds on extensive experience in the field of professional lighting for underwater photography, designed to illuminate the darkest depths of the ocean. Now Ambientec brings that know-how into the world of design thanks to the visionary spirit of the company's founder. Their innovative lamps are wireless, waterproof, and integrated with exclusive LED technology and ideal for any home.

    News Ambientec Debuts TURN+ Lamp by Nao Tamura

    Category Lighting Design Companies

  18. Swivel Interiors

    Swivel Interiors

    Swivel Interiors specializes in creating spaces that capture and communicate clients' authentic, individual styles and sensibilities. Our distinctive approach to designing with intention draws on a combination of creative expertise, design training, and intuitive skills. Through highly collaborative and rewarding client-designer efforts, interior spaces are born that embody the energy and essence of each client.

    News Prospect House by Swivel Interiors + Lane Williams

    Category Interior Design Studios

  19. SGH Design Partners

    SGH Design Partners

    SGH Design Partners an interior design firm with offices in Toronto, Halifax, and Vancouver. The studio is based on innovative thinking, collaborative approaches supported by an open environment allowing creativity to reach its highest levels. All under one central umbrella, we are developing and building solutions with strong branded identities for our clients.

    Category Interior Design Companies