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  1. A&R Design

    A&R Design

    Founded by Austin natives, Eric Aldrete and Ricky Rodriguez, A&R Design is an interior design firm that seeks to create spaces that are functional, timeless, and unique. We offer both residential & commercial interior design services. We take great care to understand all of our client's needs and cultivate an environment that is built to suit their day to day activities.

    category Interior Design Studios

  2. Rizlly


    Rizlly turns ordinary spaces into seductive, inviting, thrilling and persuasive retail experiences. Our founders share over 80 years of industry experience in design, advertising, engineering, production and client services for the most iconic brands on the planet.

    category Retail Design Studios

  3. S|A|M Interiors

    S|A|M Interiors

    Staci A. Meyers' passion for design and genuine resolve to create beautiful spaces her clients love, has gained her recognition for her design in international design as well as close to home. Staci creates, renovate and decorate to best reflect the personalities and lifestyles of her diverse client base - from family-friendly, durable and functional decor to more sophisticated settings suitable for entertaining and an executive lifestyle.

    category Interior Design Studios

  4. Patrick Thompson Design

    Patrick Thompson Design

    Patrick Thompson Design is a Detroit-based studio specializing in hospitality, commercial and retail spaces. We focus on creating highly customized interiors, and we work closely with designers, craftsmen and fabricators who value design and the process. PTD brings a holistic approach to each project. Our firm provides architecture, interior design, graphic design, product design and brand management services.

    category Interior Design Studios

  5. Tropic Studio

    Tropic Studio

    Tropic Studio delivers next-level marketing and design projects for forward-thinking clients across Australia. From our unique vantage point here in the tropical wonderland of Cairns, we're a bit of a rare beast in the design and marketing universe.

    category Advertising Design Studios

  6. Little Mammoth

    Little Mammoth

    Little Mammoth is a small design studio with a mighty toolkit. We combine this with a nimble approach and flexible attitude to deliver products, services and experiences that make a positive impact. We use our straightforward and unfussy design approach (Learn, Create, Make, Communicate) to translate insights into ideas, and ideas into tangible solutions for our clients.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  7. Smaac


    Smaac offers a broad spectrum of original solutions. From creative brainstorm sessions to market and user-group analyses. From sketches on paper to photo-realistic computer renders. From 3D printed prototypes to CAD engineered designs. We've got the tools to create innovative designs that uniquely differentiate you from other brands.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  8. Group Projects

    Group Projects

    Group Projects is a Brooklyn-based architecture practice founded in 2017 by MAN Architecture and Feuerstein Quagliara. We create buildings and spaces for a variety of project types and scales. Our collaborative approach to working with clients, technical consultants, contractors, and fabricators enables us to execute design solutions that are tailored to the goals of each project.

    recent news Group Projects Transforms a 1920's Garment Factory into Modern and Highly Textured Coworking Space

    category Architectural Design Studios

  9. KMF Architects

    KMF Architects

    With deep roots in the industry connecting all the way back to the mid-1950s, KMF Architects have been active in Orlando for almost twenty years, bringing quality vision and implementation to a diverse web of projects. With a vast array of experience and flexibility, KMF takes pride in delivering your project under all types of time-sensitive and urgent situations. Our empathetic view of your project's goals and potential gives us a unique presence in the industry.

    recent news Brooks + Scarpa and KMF Architects Unveils Expansion Designs for Mennello Museum of American Art

    category Architecture Companies

  10. GEDS


    GEDS is an award-winning design and innovation consultancy taking real problems and needs and turning them into attractive services, products and concepts.

    category Design Consultancies

  11. Philipp Süssmann Design

    Philipp Süssmann Design

    Philipp Süssmann is an Industrial Designer with an M.A. from Lund School of Industrial Design. He set up his own office in Malmö in 2018 after working for two years as an In-house Designer at IKEA of Sweden. The office focuses on designing products, furniture and spaces. Philipp Süssmann Design cherishes curiosity, intuition and experimentation - constantly trying to uncover the essence of an idea based on a thorough understanding of people's needs. The aim is to collaborate in a more personal and close relationship with clients, moving forward together, bridging design and economic values.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  12. Houda Bakkali

    Houda Bakkali

    Houda Bakkali is a freelance creative director based in Barcelona, Spain. She lectures about design and illustration at different forums and her work has won numerous awards from most major design and digital art competitions.

    category Digital Designers

  13. Minty


    Minty offers a set of tools for matchmaking, negotiation, automatic paperwork generating and licence tracking. You can ask artists to create custom artwork, or pick some of the already existing ones from their stocks.

    category Illustration Services

  14. Maydan Architects

    Maydan Architects

    Maydan Architects is a full-service architecture and interior design firm. Founded in 2004 by principal Mary Maydan, the firm gained immediate recognition after designing an ultra-modern house in Palo Alto. Driven by the motto that architecture should be inspirational, the firm approaches each project as an artistic challenge, using the team's keen understanding of architecture, trends in design, construction, and cost, to create one-of-a-kind homes that are beautiful, warm, livable and inviting.

    category Architecture Companies

  15. Marin Architects

    Marin Architects

    Marin Architects is an NYC-based architecture and design firm combining innovative design expertise with a robust understanding of local municipal compliances, offering an unparalleled solution to clients.

    category Architecture Companies

  16. Cactus


    Cactus is a Denver based creative advertising agency for Travel & Tourism, CPG, QSR, Entertainment, Retail and Healthcare. Cactus was founded with a vision to help companies, organizations and causes grow and prosper by delivering meaningful work that makes a huge impact.

    recent news Cactus Designs Branding for Parc Mosaic

    category Advertising Agencies