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  1. COOKFOX Architects

    COOKFOX Architects

    COOKFOX Architects was founded in 2003 by Rick Cook and Bob Fox to pursue beautiful, innovative and sustainable design. Now led by Rick and six partners, their core mission is to create environmentally responsible, holistic and biophilic architecture that fosters occupant well-being and a healthy urban landscape. Their work ranges in scope from small jewel projects to complex urban transformations, spanning multifamily residential and single-family homes to institutional and commercial projects.

    News COOKFOX Designs First & Only Well Platinum-Certified Office in United States

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  2. Zenpack


    Zenpack is a full-service packaging provider that manages everything from design, to structural engineering, to fulfillment.

    Category Packaging Manufacturers

  3. Kindred


    Kindred creates human-centric brands for a digital world. Backed by data-science, we place the user at the center of our digital strategies. We build a compelling user-centric narrative, connecting your brand with new customers around the world, influencing them during key moments.

    Category Digital Design Studios

  4. Yes Please Productions

    Yes Please Productions

    Yes Please Productions is a graphic, motion and creative design studio based in London formed by music fans who understand how great content engages and entertains audiences worldwide. We create unique campaigns, social media & digital adverts, lyric videos, print design, music promos and live visuals for the World's greatest artists.

    Category Broadcast Design Studios

  5. TheTheory


    TheTheory is a brand strategy design consultancy. We help businesses grow, build relationships, and build extraordinary products. We align the goals of organizations to the needs of customers- creating exceptional brand experiences that matter.

    Category Branding Design Companies

  6. Chick Russell and Company

    Chick Russell & Company

    Chick Russell & Company is a multi-award-winning creative development company that specializes in the design of extraordinary destinations, luxury tourism resorts, immersive theme park attractions and inspirational museum exhibits.

    Category Exhibition Design Companies

  7. Pizzale Design

    Pizzale Design

    Pizzale Design is a full-service residential and commercial design firm. We create liveable luxury for busy clients who care about design and value for a seamless renovation, a custom home and commercial projects.

    Category Interior Design Companies

  8. BRAIT Studio

    BRAIT Studio

    BRAIT Studio is passionate about graphic design and visual storytelling. We create data-driven infographics, which are mathematically accurate for marketing, sales, and corporate departments.

    Category Information Design Companies

  9. ​Bob R.

    ​Bob R.

    ​Bob R. helps companies and inventors develop electronic products from the initial concept through production. Bob R also helps companies and inventors cost-reduce their proof of concept models so they can be produced for a reasonable cost.

    Category Toy Design Companies

  10. Capsula


    Capsula is a strategic design studio working across brand experience, interior, and product design. Our goal is to connect people to spaces and products in a meaningful way. The focus of work is concept, design, and innovation to empower brand growth. Our strategical and creative conviction is that thoughtful design can make an essential input. Together with clients, we work to create a holistic experience through an in-depth understanding of the brand values, upcoming trends, market needs, and user behavior.

    Category Interior Design Studios

  11. Fontwerk


    Fontwerk is a foundry of modern fonts and provider of innovative type services for discerning agencies, designers and brands.

    Category Type Foundries

  12. Studio Bennü

    Studio Bennü

    Studio Bennü is a creative studio based in London. We build brands that connect. We believe bold ideas, powerful storytelling and original design creates an unparalleled connection between consumers and brands.

    Category Branding Design Consultancies

  13. Saltwolf


    Saltwolf designs, produces and delivers luxurious, American-made upholstered furniture to the interior design community.

    Category Furniture Stores

  14. Dizzain


    Dizzain is a full-service digital product agency developing concepts, design experiences, building web and mobile products, and growing businesses through digital marketing.

    Category Web Design Studios

  15. Finch Brands

    Finch Brands

    Finch Brands was founded in 1998 by executives instrumental in the ascent of IKEA and David's Bridal. The original vision was to create the firm they never could find when they were in our clients' shoes - an end-to-end brand development and management powerhouse that seamlessly delivers breakthrough brand strategy and irrepressibly creative design. We're a real-world brand consultancy that delivers deep insight, breakthrough strategy, and transformative design to drive business results. We blend insight, intuition, and creativity to shape strategy and drive people to action.

    Category Branding Design Consultancies

  16. Slope


    Slope is a new kind of agency at the intersection of growth marketing and brand design, started by former Y-Combinator and venture-backed founders.

    Category Branding Design Studios

  17. Swype Creative

    Swype Creative

    Swype Creative is an award-winning design agency based in Sheffield, working with clients to deliver brand strategy, creative design, digital marketing & bespoke website design.

    Category Web Design Studios

  18. Dirk Weiblen

    Dirk Weiblen

    Dirk Weiblen is a German photographer based in Shanghai, China, since 2004. Trained as an architect with over 15 years of practical experience, Dirk Weiblen's work is characterized by a clear understanding of architectural concepts and spaces the designers aimed to provide. His work focuses on reinforcing those qualities through representing them through the photographic work.

    News Kokaistudios Designs Interiors for Cloud Bistro in Shanghai

    Category Architectural Photographers

  19. DDC-make


    DDC-make is a digital design agency that offers computational design expertise and unique technology solutions. From 3D parametric product configurator, web VR to computational design with complex non-standard geometry we make design happen.

    Category Architecture Services