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  1. Pen


    Pen is a Melbourne-based design studio that creates authentic, innovative and architecturally inspired products through a unique collaborative process. Working with Australia's most passionate designers, architects, thinkers and inventors, Pen evolves brilliant ideas and takes them from concept to the global market.

    category Furniture Design Studios

  2. Thread Collective

    Thread Collective

    Thread Collective was founded to support the collaborative interplay between architecture and its site, seeing landscape as an integral part of the overall design. A multidisciplinary practice, with architecture, landscape, planning, and sustainability expertise working together seamlessly, Thread has the creativity and experience to produce compelling, successful projects.

    recent news thread collective Completes Triumph's New Showroom in Brooklyn

    category Architectural Design Studios

  3. M-Rad


    M-Rad is revolutionizing the architecture industry by creating bespoke solutions to universal problems. Our unique, multi-faceted business model allows us to engage in every step of the development process; from architecture and real estate to product design, marketing and branding. By expanding our scope, we can create enhanced experiences, allowing communities and cities to thrive.

    recent news M-Rad Moves to New Headquarters

    category Architectural Design Studios

  4. New Haircut

    New Haircut

    As a global leader in product innovation, New Haircut uses design thinking to help corporate teams discover critical opportunities for new products and services.

    category Design Consultancies

  5. Wojtek Sulek

    Wojtek Sulek

    Wojtek Sulek is a digital artist and art director with over 5 years of professional experience. I specialize in visual design, website, logos, retouch, and image-making with a strong focus on details.

    category Digital Design Portfolios

  6. Squint/Opera


    Squint/Opera is a creative digital studio that was founded in 2002 by four friends who wanted to use media to bring places to life. Now, with studios in London and New York, and a multinational portfolio of clients including architecture practice BIG, UNStudio, WeWork, the Empire State Building, Heatherwick Studios, and the V&A, Squint/Opera works at the intersection of creativity and technology to produce exhibits, films, architectural visualisations, branding and digital products that inspire and expand how people imagine and interact with the physical world.

    category Digital Design Studios

  7. Almost Gold

    Almost Gold

    Almost Gold is a design-driven commercial production company based in Chicago's West Town neighborhood. We partner with agencies, corporations and artists from all over the world, to produce content of the highest quality.

    category Broadcast Design Companies

  8. Resolve Space

    Resolve Space

    Resolve Space is a group of designers and problem solvers who create spaces, infrastructure and objects across a variety of scales and industries. Our team has experience within the fields of master planning, urban design, landscape architecture and development and have worked on projects throughout North America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

    recent news Van Alen Institute and City of Miami Announce Finalists for Keeping Current Competition

    category Architectural Design Studios

  9. Department Design Office

    Department Design Office

    Department Design Office is a landscape, architecture, and urban design studio. We are radically pragmatic designers, which means we are committed to making thoughtful and dynamic environments that are equally informed by function and implementation. We are advocates for the communities we work in, and we aspire to design processes that generate and sustain transformative spaces.

    category Landscape Architecture

  10. Form3


    Form3 is an industrial design & product engineering firm, helping businesses build innovative, sustainable, and quality products for their markets.

    category Industrial Design Companies

  11. Hood Design Studio

    Hood Design Studio

    Hood Design Studio is a social art and design practice founded in 1992 in Oakland, CA. The studio's practice is tripartite: art + fabrication, design + landscape, and research + urbanism. This breadth allows us to understand each place in its scale and context, and to respond, not with a standard design, but with an approach adaptive to the particulars and specifics of a space.

    category Urban Design Studios