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  1. Studio RJM

    Studio RJM

    Studio RJM is a creative studio based in Sydney specializing in art direction and design. Working closely with clients and collaborators, the studio produces conceptually-driven work for projects spanning across architecture, the arts, culture, and film. ​Studio RJM works with design-oriented clients in the role of creator, curator, and communicator. Employing a hands-on and experimental approach, the studio merges digital, analog and spatial design techniques to produce multi-dimensional design narratives.

    category Design Studios

  2. Nevermynd


    Nevermynd is a digital marketing company based in Stockholm. Our company has been providing clients all around Sweden and the USA. Built on the founding principle to be a customer-first type of company, we have worked carefully to provide successful digital marketing. Our vision is to be the marketing solution for businesses of all sizes who are willing to boost their ROI.

    category Web Design Companies

  3. Buddy Creative

    Buddy Creative

    Our team has over 20 years strategy, branding and packaging design experience; for clients in the: food & drink, hospitality, retail, education, public sector, creative industries and B2B sectors. We immerse ourselves in our clients' worlds to understand their customers, competitors and unique story.

    category Package Design Companies

  4. JCJ Architecture

    JCJ Architecture

    JCJ Architecture is a diverse planning, architecture and interior design practice that offers comprehensive services to clients in the public and private sector. Our engaged design process brings together our experience as professionals with a methodology of active and alert advocacy. Hartford, CT, United States

    category Architecture Companies

  5. Richardson Design

    Richardson Design

    Richardson is a full-service interior and graphic design consultancy that changes the way people see, feel and connect with your brand. We believe brand building combines art and science-design practice and vision. It's a process-driven journey and our band of experienced designers has a creative spirit that's grounded in design expertise.

    category Interior Design Studios

  6. Alys Bryan

    Alys Bryan

    Alys Bryan is a freelance designer and experienced specialist in upholstered seating design. Alys creates furniture that is not only functional but also a joy to look at and experience. Alys' proven ability to bring commercially viable designs to life is shaped through a process of creativity, thoughtful material selection, combined with lean manufacturing principles and her in-depth understanding of contract furniture in both the workplace and hospitality sectors.

    category Furniture Designers

  7. Design Scape Architects

    Design Scape Architects

    Design Scape Architects endeavors to create strong contemporary architecture within budget whilst maintaining strong relationships with its clients. Our cumulative expertise in residential, mixed-use, commercial, sports, health care and transport allows us to provide a full, professional service with an original approach to each project we undertake.

    category Architecture Companies

  8. PTI Design

    PTI Design

    PTI Design is an industrial design studio focused on taking great ideas and designing them into manufacturable products. The studio uniquely taps into more than 25 years of experience to bring great products to market. Our ideation team, designers, engineers and manufacturing experts work closely together - from that first "napkin" sketch and preliminary design to performance engineering and manufacturability - to ensure efficient delivery of great, high-quality products.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  9. Co+in Collaborative Lab

    Co+in Collaborative Lab

    Co+in Collaborative Lab is a boutique-sized interior architecture firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia, one that helps to create an experience that goes beyond form and material within the field of residential and commercial design. Our practice root in the conceptualization of design, one that caters the essence of individuals or brand. We inspired by how each element narrative is made. We unfold your story through spatial element that reflects each message and narrative.

    category Interior Design Studios

  10. Carrboro Creative

    Carrboro Creative

    Carrboro Creative is a results-driven creative agency specializing in impactful digital experiences and brand storytelling. Our team collaborates with you to solve your business problems and accelerate growth.

    category Web Design Studios

  11. Nissen Richards Studio

    Nissen Richards Studio

    Nissen Richards is a London-based design studio that evolved from a collaboration between architecture and theatre design. Today, we are a multidisciplinary practice that works across architecture, exhibitions, graphic design, theatre, story-telling, film and animation. At its core, our work is about creating spaces that stimulate experiences.

    recent news Nissen Richards Studio Designs 'Manolo Blahnik at the Wallace Collection'

    category Exhibition Design Studios

  12. PAI Labs

    PAI Labs

    At PAI Labs, our goal is to get a finished product in the hands of your customers. Our team of industrial designers, electrical and mechanical engineers work in tandem with you to ensure a great, functional design. We have the tools and experience to take your product idea from napkin sketch to finished product.

    category Industrial Design Consultancies

  13. Fotenn


    Fotenn is an award-winning planning, urban design and landscape architecture firm with offices in Ottawa, Kingston, and Toronto. Established in 1992, the firm is committed to a responsive and personal approach and to the honest and fair treatment of our clients and the communities in which we work.

    category Urban Design Companies

  14. Case Furniture

    Case Furniture

    Established in London in 2006, Case is dedicated to delivering excellent design at good value. Working with world-renowned award-winning designers, Case is a vanguard of creativity and creates modern furniture with integrity and character. With exemplary attention to detail, the highest standards and never compromising on quality, Case combine cutting-edge technology and advanced manufacturing techniques to make the best design accessible to the mass market.

    recent news Robin Day '675 Chair' Charity Project

    category Furniture Manufacturers

  15. &Walsh


    &Walsh is a creative agency in NYC specializing in branding & advertising. We work with clients starting from the initial brand strategy phase to the design, art direction & final production of a project. We believe in creating beautiful, emotion-driven work that functions for our client's goals and resonates with their audiences.

    category Graphic Design Studios

  16. Kling Klang Klong

    Kling Klang Klong

    Kling Klang Klong is a creative studio for interactive sound, music and acoustic narratives. Our work stands in the intersection of art, science and communication. We are a versatile team experienced in composition, sound design and programming. We pursue our own research on music composition, sensor interfaces, motion-to-sound software, generative composition and concepts of interaction.

    category Exhibition Design Studios

  17. FEVR


    FEVR is a design-driven studio based in NYC and LA. and specializing in 2D, 3D motion graphics and animation. We are a team of directors, artists, designers and strategic thinkers working closely together. We are passionate about creating colorful and aesthetic design and illustrations that we animate to tell our clients' very special stories.

    category Animation Studios

  18. Knocknock Games

    Knocknock Games

    Knocknock Games is an independent game development studio staffed with 30+ industry professionals with more than 13 years of experience. Our game design services include but are not limited to gameplay mechanics design, game setting a story design an level design.

    category Game Design Studios

  19. 06D Atelier

    06D Atelier

    06D is a design duo in an independent atelier, that brings together different influences to create contemporary revolutionary projects. As small an atelier, we produce exclusive limited edition items, furniture, and lighting design projects.

    category Furniture Design Studios

  20. Radu Cristian

    Radu Cristian

    Radu Cristian is a UI/UX designer with 6+ years of experience in understanding and developing products from concept ideas to production.

    category Interface Designers