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GAME - Golfs New Digital Experience

GAME: Golf's New Digital Experience

 |  by Senay Gokcen
fuseproject has recently created GAME GOLF, a wearable golf performance monitoring system. The GAME platform is centered on three key ingredients: See, Share and Compare.



The digital interaction needed to be discreet during golf play, but also engaging and immersive before and after. "The app is immediately intuitive, tracking the stats you care about and ignoring the ones you don't," explained Curt Collinsworth, fuseproject's UX/UI director. "By using accurate maps, you can see every shot you take on any given course and compare your game against your friends or your favorite pro."


Engaging data visualizations make it simple and easy to see which club preformed the best or where the longest drive landed. Whether golfers want to share their game with friends at the bar or on social media, GAME allows them to relive the experience and tell stories in the moment or long after.



GAME is a fuseproject venture design program, where design builds the ecosystem of a new business, from naming and identity, to product and packaging, to user experience and interface design. The fuseproject team initially focused on the digital design portion of GAME, studying functions and features, and creating iconic visualizations that influenced everything from the physical design to the tactile details.

"It is the full integration of digital experience, physical design and brand that people appreciate today. This integration is the only way to satisfy today's very sophisticated users," said Yves Behar, founder and chief designer at fuseproject.

GAME GOLF is worn on the hip and works seamlessly with the mobile app and website, utilizing advanced sensor technology to track movement and transmit data as play evolves over time. Low profile and discreet, the device clips on the belt or pocket, and communicates through RFID with pin-size tags on the top of each club. One tap of the club the device, and the GPS location is entered.

As the name implies, GAME is meant to be a fun, social way to enhance the knowledge of one's play. Whether competing against oneself, peers or pros, GAME gathers data and helps you improve, from showing performance with each club to providing bragging rights. As reliving the sport is a vital part of the experience, GAME is all about the stories, providing accurate fodder for friendly competition and engagement.
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