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The 3-Bee Printing Project

The 3-Bee Printing Project

3Bee Printing Project 01To celebrate the debut of Dewar's Highlander Honey, the whiskey producer is showcasing the craft of one of its most important partners in making the new infused blend, the Highlander honey bees, with the 3-B Printing Project. The marketing campaign was conceived by Sid Lee NY and produced by The Ebeling Group.

A twist on the concept of 3-D printing, the 3-B Printing Project is a unique event that fuses digital printing with nature by employing the extraordinary activity of bees to build sculptural works of art. Integrating scientific expertise with digital design, the 3-B Printing Project provides 80,000 honey bees with a starter blueprint that mimics their natural environment.


3Bee Printing Project 02

3Bee Printing Project 03

The inverted beehive is molded in such a way that it guides the bees to craft their honeycomb hive around the framework provided. As the industrious workers cover their home with beautiful, golden honeycomb, they are creating striking, multi-dimensional masterpieces in custom-shaped molds inspired by the new blend of Dewar's Highlander Honey. Already, the bees have "printed" a complete 3D wax object in the shape of the whisky bottle, as well as the bust of the Dewar's Drinking Man, the mascot of true Drinking Men everywhere.
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