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Pantone Unveils New Global Brand Identity

Pantone Unveils New Global Brand Identity

 |  by Levent Ozler
The new corporate identity is a contemporary interpretation of the iconic PANTONE Chip, known and recognized around the world by design professionals as a symbol for color consistency. The new logo represents a departure from the image of a solid color chip and evokes an open "window" or lens onto creativity, signifying Pantone's role as a source of inspiration in the creative process. The new brand line, "The color of ideasSM," reflects Pantone's promise as an idea stimulator and its mission to enable the colorful exploration and expression of creativity.

"The PANTONE Brand image is recognized worldwide for accuracy and reliability, and our logo has served us well as a symbol of our commitment to the design industries," said Richard Herbert, president of Pantone, Inc. "We decided to change our brand identity to convey the company's transformation as we expand our product lines to include innovative products that help a broader creative audience use color."

Pantone has existing brand equity within the sophisticated urban audience referred to as "cultural frontliners." This target group includes creative professionals around the world currently working with PANTONE Products as an integral part of their creative process. They are the early adopters of new ideas and always ahead of the curve on trends. In addition to these professionals, there is a growing appreciation among consumers across all walks of life for sophisticated color and design, creating an even greater opportunity for Pantone's continued growth in domestic and international markets.

The first proof points of Pantone's progression are the launch of two noteworthy products and ventures: huey™, an award-winning, consumer level monitor calibration solution, and PANTONE PAINTS, launched in September in partnership with Fine Paints of Europe, Inc. PANTONE PAINTS is a luxury paint line that enables consumers and cultural frontliners to match PANTONE Colors in paint.

Pantone's new branding identity was developed in partnership with G2 Branding and Design based in New York City.

About Pantone, Inc.
Pantone, Inc. has been the world's color authority for more than 40 years, providing design professionals with products and services for the colorful exploration and expression of creativity. Always a source for color inspiration, Pantone now offers paint and designer-inspired products and services for consumers.

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