Metabo Teams Up with the Porsche Design Group to Provide New Multihammer

Metabo Teams Up with the Porsche Design Group to Provide New Multihammer

Metabo announced that its new P'7911 multihammer, which was developed in conjunction with the Porsche Design Group, is now available in North America. The Porsche Design P'7911 combines all the essential functions of a drill with the power of a pneumatic hammer and drills into concrete, stone, wood and steel, with just one switch for convenient alternating between any of the tool's five different functions.

The tool's unique housing, made of genuine carbon fiber and aluminum, provides great rigidity and strength. With the handle mounted on top of the housing, the P'7911 is easy to operate because the forces acting are almost perfectly balanced, both in the patented
"on top" handle position and when drilling above shoulder height. In addition, the hammer lies directly under the operator's hand, ensuring a stable center of gravity. The tool, therefore, feels lighter than comparable power tools.

Because of the multihammer's extraordinary design, its perfect balance reduces pivoting at the drill tip. Moreover, the tool's flat base surface enables the hammer to stand up, so that it is always ready for use.

The new 705-watt, 6-amp multihammer offers 133 inch lbs. of torque, 2.0 joules per blow and, using hammer bits, has a drilling capacity of 3/4" in concrete. Also, it is equipped with Metabo's quick-change chuck system, electronic speed stabilization and a high-performance pneumatic impact mechanism.

Metabo, a leading international manufacturer of professional grade portable electric power tools and abrasives for industrial, construction and welding applications, has international headquarters in Nurtingen, Germany and U.S. headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The company has focused its product development on technological advancements in electronic circuitry and mechanical design, which has resulted in high performance, durable electric power tools. The name Metabo is German for "metal-boring," symbolic of the first tool -- a metal-boring tool -- manufactured by the company in 1924.

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