Click 3X Designs 3D Effects for Sharp

Click 3X Designs 3D Effects for Sharp

Click 3X Designs 3D Effects for Sharp

As a part of Sharp's "Work Without Limits" campaign, Click 3X created a series of 3D effects to showcase the reach and access available to users of Sharp copier products. The spot was a collaboration between Click 3X, Dentsu Next, and director Juan Delcan of Nola Pictures.

Set in an office and seen through the eyes of the product's user, we are able to participate in a virtual meeting on the copier's screen, as well as gaining access to an entire city at our fingertips. The Click 3X team designed and created the meeting effects and built the screen's virtual city with quite a bit of creative freedom, working closely with the director to get the right look and feel. Delcan was impressed with Click's reputation and ability to seamlessly integrate the design and VFX teams-underscoring the firm's hybrid ability to work collectively or individually.

"The creative relationship with Juan Delcan of Nola Pictures was really quite effective. The whole thing was shot in Chile and on our first trip there, we made the creative decision to work completely without green screens, which really opened things up for the shoot. Creating the CG city was quite a challenge and we had a lot of freedom to really push some design limits. We then used Roto to re-touch the effects shots and to give things a more dynamic realism. Through this process, Anthony (Filipakis), the rest of the team, and I were able to make the hologram shots more interesting and give them the right look to effectively align with the brand's image." said Steve Tozzi from Click 3X.

"Instead of shooting the live action talent against green screen we opted to roto all the live action talent. I wanted Juan to have as much flexibility when shooting and I thought the constraints of a green screen shoot would limit his lighting and staging choices. Essentially we had the choice to recommend shooting on green screen, which would have been "easier" for us, but not what was best for the project in terms of the look (lighting, art direction, film transfer, etc). That was the big decision that we had to make, otherwise, it was just working with the agency and our creative director Steve Tozzi to nail the look of the world within the copier." said VFX Supervisor/Inferno Artist Mark Szumski from Click 3X.

New York-based Click 3X produces cutting-edge visual solutions for commercials, feature films, television, music videos and broadcast clients around the globe. Founded in 1993, Click 3X has become the preeminent digital studio led by artists, yet supported by one of the most technologically advanced studios in the industry. With award-winning design, powerful visual effects, and a visionary animation team, Click 3X has worked on such diverse projects as Jonathan Demme's unconventional feature documentary on Jimmy Carter entitled, "Man From Plains"; Animal Collective's "Peacebone" video directed by Tim Saccenti; and Time Warner's video instillation, "Home Of The Future" which was showcased on the Time Warner building in NYC.

Additionally, Click 3X recently embarked on a joint venture with New York-based Campfire entitled ClickFire Media. CFM is a versatile resource in the emerging media market that can execute across a wide array of services and disciplines. In simple terms, it adds to Click 3X's skills, and interactive capability for integrated marketing where the deliverables include, print, videos, 3D Second Life environments, and interactive elements-websites, blogs and online advertising.

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