IDSA / ICSID Connecting Congress 2007 - Day 1

IDSA / ICSID Connecting Congress 2007: Day 1

Connecting '07 welcomed participants from 35 countries for this years' most fascinating four day event in San Francisco. The journey started on October 17th at 1Pm with the expectations to discuss and discover design concentrating on different topics each day. The panels and other events were separated within three facilities in Nob Hill area of town: Masonic Center, Fairmont Hotel and Stanford Court Hotel.

This first day mainly included welcome events. Besides, they gave start to first seminars and panels. Randy Bartlett and RitaSue Siegel from IDSA conducted the very first seminar titled "Building a Career with Passion and Good Sense: The 2007 IDSA Portfolio/ Interviewing Seminar." Autodesk also sponsored a panel with the title "Alias-Connecting the Dots." IDSA had its annual membership meeting. Derby cars created by design firms started their 3 day race arranged by IBM, the "IBM Ultimate International Derby Race." Races are placed in the Fairmont Design Gallery where some other firms also present their products. While Dell was displaying its' green design idea, Rhinoceros was introducing the new version of the program. The most important event of the day was the Congress Opening Ceremony which was also the celebration of ICSID's 50th Anniversary. The day closed with the opening night celebration at the Exhibition Hall hosting participants from various design disciplines. Masonic Center Exhibition Hall was also the display area of famous brands and design schools like Wacom, and Academy of Art Center.

Fairmont Design Gallery Opening

IDSA Connecting Conference 2007 Opening Reception


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