Lightemotion Creates the Lighting Design for Passagers / Passengers

Lightemotion Creates the Lighting Design for Passagers / Passengers

Lightemotion, the Montreal firm already recognized for its creativity and expertise in the realm of exhibition lighting, has put its signature to the lighting design for the Passagers/ Passengers exhibition, presented from June 3 to October 19, 2008, as part of the festivities being held for the 400th birthday celebration of Quebec City. The exhibition, created by GSM Design in collaboration with Patrice Sauve, evokes all the generations of people who have passed through the city of Quebec, long considered the hub of immigration into Canada.

The exhibit spreads through three rooms, each of them lit with a distinct lighting style fashioned by Fran├žois Roupinian and his Lightemotion team. The theme of the airport was chosen to recall the many passengers who have arrived- by boat, train, or airplane, over the course of the last four centuries. "This exhibit is the result of a magnificent collaboration between the various participants." says Roupinian, who declares himself particularly pleased with the Hall of Five Million Souls. In effect, when faced with the very basic expression of lighting in the hall- black light and suspended LED bulbs- the visitor cannot help but sense the presence of these passengers of old, and feel that they are amongst us still.

Passagers Passengers 01
Passagers Passengers 02

In the other two exhibition halls, Roupinian limits the means at his disposal, playing with restraint and subtlety: fluorescent tubes at ground level and halogen spotlights with varying beams on the ceiling. The lighting is "in osmosis with the multimedia projections" that hold the attention of the spectators. In other places, underlines Roupinian, "beams of light were used much as brushes, painting the objects to be highlighted."


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