Smart Design Joins Forces with Design+Industry

Smart Design Joins Forces with Design+Industry

Smart Design, a top-tier consultancy known for creating category changing consumer products, is excited to announce expanded service offerings to the healthcare industry through a joint venture with Design+Industry (D+I), an industry-leading consultancy with extensive experience in the design, development, and manufacture of medical devices worldwide.

For decades, good design has been recognized as the hallmark of effective, competitive medical products. But just as all industries mature over time, healthcare companies are recognizing the need for a new, consumer-driven approach as they strive to satisfy a market that has expanded beyond healthcare institutions and into people's homes.

Each firm has over 20 years experience in the creation of commercially successful products and has earned the trust of leading companies competing globally. Working together to deliver turnkey solutions to the healthcare market, Smart Design's consumer-oriented approach combined with D+I's technical sophistication will help healthcare and medical device companies compete on a new level.

According to Smart Design's CEO, Davin Stowell: "Healthcare product companies are beginning to realize how much opportunity is left on the table by not recognizing that the 'chooser' is shifting from the healthcare provider to end user or patient themselves. We've helped a long list of Fortune 100 consumer product companies become more competitive through the power of design that responds to people's latent needs. With this joint venture we're now poised to offer that same opportunity to the healthcare industry."

With a shared philosophy based on these simple tenets, the joint venture was founded to design products that:

- humanize technology through intuitive device operation and interface
- can be used by people with different physical abilities and are respectful of the needs of the aging
- work for people with various levels of training, from healthcare providers to caretakers to patients
- encourage people to get well and stay healthy through a rewarding product experience
- help people make the transition between various healthcare settings (in-patient, out-patient, home)
- help companies build more powerful brands through products that garner customer devotion

"By forming a joint venture between two industry leaders such as D+I and Smart Design, we are creating a design powerhouse capable of leveraging our clients' technology solutions to develop the world's most innovative and user-friendly medical devices," says Murray Hunter, founder of D+I. "Together, we have the consumer savvy, the design intelligence and experience to get it done and a proven track record of success to change the basis of competition for our clients."

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