The Tap of the Future - Designed by Zaha Hadid for Triflow

The Tap of the Future: Designed by Zaha Hadid for Triflow

Leading independent brassware designer, Triflow, has commissioned pre-eminent architect, Zaha Hadid, to design the tap of the future. Recognised for its world-first three-way tap, the Triflow brand is produced by one of a handful of existing British manufacturers. The collaboration with Zaha Hadid marks the company's return to its founding principles: innovation and technological excellence.

Inspired by the movement of water, the designs are a formal expression of the continuous flow of liquid - merging tap spout, body and handle in a seamless trajectory of curvilinear geometries.

The Tap of the Future 01

"Our starting point was a series of formal studies on the conceptual terms of 'fluidity' and 'seamlessness' as we wanted to generate the fluid geometries of water in motion," said Zaha Hadid. "By applying advanced 3D software to our experiments into the viscosity of liquids, we were able to explore complex forms and their productivity for domestic environments. A major benefit of this design language is that you can create something that not only appears continuous, but also blends seamlessly with the ergonomic needs of a tap."

The Tap of the Future 02

Featuring Triflow's exclusive, patented three-way technology, the filtered drinking water is delivered through a dedicated waterway thereby isolating it from the hot and cold water streams - controlled by the tap's discreet handle. Whilst a touch-sensitive electronic button activates the filtered water. Concealed behind the fluid Zaha Hadid design is a highly sophisticated manufacturing process that is unique to the UK and has never before been used in the creation of a tap.

The result is a tap that is as much a bespoke work of art as it is a kitchen or bathroom appliance.

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