Aftertaste 3 - New Agendas for Interior Design

Aftertaste 3: New Agendas for Interior Design

AFTERTASTE 3: New Agendas for the Interior, annual international symposium by Parsons The New School for Design, is dedicated to the critical review of the interior, and was developed in conjunction with a new MFA program in Interior Design that Parsons will launch this fall.

The groundbreaking program will play a leadership role in addressing the challenges and opportunities of contemporary interior design in the 21st century, and integrate history, theory, design, material experimentation and sustainable practice.

While the writer Georges Perec famously imagined separate rooms for taste, hearing, sight, smell, and touch, AFTERTASTE 3 inversely attempts to address the primacy of visual perception by bringing the more peripheral and intertwined aspects of sensory experience into focus.

The symposium will feature accomplished designers, architects, and artists whose work specifically addresses the complex and still relatively unexplored role of the senses in the imagining of interiors.

The symposium includes four panels that explore the senses of sight, sound, smell and touch, as well as a wine tasting.

Among the panelists and featured speakers are James Auger, Robert Israel, Kent Kleinman, Robert Kirkbride, Joanna Merwood-Salisbury, Charlie Morrow, Jorge Otero-Pailos, Victoria Anne Rospond, Mayer Rus, Emily Thompson, James Tichenor, Sissel Tolaas, Sabine von Fischer, Joshua Walton, and Alfred Zollinger.

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