World Industrial Design Day 2009 Student Poster Competition

World Industrial Design Day 2009 Student Poster Competition

One distinctive attribute that separates humans from every other species on earth is our capacity to be creative.

Our insatiable imagination and curiosity over millions of years has made possible a steady step by step progression of questioning, exploring, learning, inventing and designing the world we live in.

Industrial design has evolved into the profession that creates and shapes our modern world.

Industrial designers of our future will draw on the past to create a better world for us all - shaping everything from the products we use to the houses we live in and the buildings we work under.

To celebrate World Industrial Design Day 2009, design students from Icsid Member Schools are put to the challenge to design a poster that illustrates the importance of industrial design to humankind.

The poster can be a creative illustration or an illustration of the design of a product that captures the theme "Industrial Design - The product of human creativity".

The competition is open exclusively to design students enrolled in an Icsid Member School, at no fee.

One winning entry will be selected and will be used by Icsid and distributed in digital format (PDF) to its network of members for promotional initiatives relating to World Industrial Design Day 2009.

Submission deadline is Monday, 4 May 2009, 11:59 PM EST.

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