Academy of Art University Joins Design Ignites Change

Academy of Art University Joins Design Ignites Change

The Academy of Art University has announced that it has joined Design Ignites Change: a call to action challenging students, educators, creative professionals and the business community to use the power of design to address social issues in their local communities through substantive public design projects.

The focus of the Academy of Art University will be to create social design solutions to sustain San Francisco.

Four academic departments are collaborating on Design Ignites Change, including the schools of Graphic Design, Photography, Industrial Design and Fashion.

"Sustaining San Francisco" is the name of the Academy's new, robust social design and art initiative.

Design Ignites Change is one key initiative of that program.

The Academy of Art University is one of 17 colleges and universities who are now hard at work on responses to such pressing global issues as sustainability, racism, economic inequality and climate change.

Students are working to develop actual, visible projects aimed to stimulate thought, dialog, action and, ultimately, change.

"The Academy of Art University was one of the first art and design schools in the country to jump on board, paving the way for many more," said Worldstudio's Andrea Pellegrino.

"The Academy sees Design Ignites Change as a breakthrough initiative that will bring visibility to innovative solutions addressing a range of social issues, happening at the college level, as well as a way to instill the importance of giving back to one's community in the next generation."

Academy of Art University

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