United Nude Cosmo - High-tech Piece of Sexy Architectural Art

United Nude Cosmo: High-tech Piece of Sexy Architectural Art

Creative Director of design and shoe brand United Nude Rem D Koolhaas and co-founder Galahad Clark are well known for playing with new materials and design concepts in the area of shoe construction. The United Nude Cosmo is no exception.

By using a hand molded carbon fiber light weight construction, the Cosmo shoe is a high-technology piece of art with sexy architectural design.

With a heel height of 11 centimeters, a limited production of only a few hundred pairs and retailing for around $550 USD and comes in a special high quality box.

The Cosmo is perhaps one of the most exciting revelations from United Nude. The United Nude Cosmo will come in two colors - Black Calf Leather or Mirror Calf Leather and in European sizes 35 to 41.

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