The Abacus - New Stadium Seat From Arup and Forum Seating

The Abacus: New Stadium Seat From Arup and Forum Seating

The Abacus stadium seat, designed and developed in the UK by Arup in collaboration with Nowy Styl subsidiary Forum Seating, breaks new ground not only in aesthetics but also the use of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

The unusually elegant seat shell, which is located on an aluminium beam system for ease of spacing and cleaning - and recyclability - is available in industry standard polypropylene and polyamide, while a version soon to arrive on the market is constructed entirely from previously unuseable waste plastic in a process called PIM - Powder Impression Moulding.

The seat can truly be said to set a new standard of design in this competitive and crowded market.

The shell's aesthetic is unusually stylish and clean.

Its specifications include a gravity tip function; its ergonomic curves fit a wide variety of body types.

Options include arms, upholstery and perforations, ideal for the Middle East market or indeed any hot climate.

In a plus for installers and contractors, the unit consists of only four components, so it does not have to be pre-assembled before it arrives on site.

The beam can be bent on site, allowing the rows to curve.

The seat's width is reduced at the front which makes room for another 300 seats in a typical 50,000-seater stadium.

Abacus is a cost-effective solution that brooks no compromise on design, finish or operational performance.


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