Madame - Designed by Oriol Llahona

Madame: Designed by Oriol Llahona

Madame is the new collection of lamps designed by Oriol Llahona for the new catalogue of Alma Light.

Made of epoxy painted metal and available in two finishes (black-gold and white-silver), the collection consists of hanging, floor and table lamps, all in 2 sizes in full format or only half.

Madame is a contemporary and urban collection for both the home lighting as well as the contract, with outstanding pieces like the Madame floor lamp, that leans directly on the wall giving a very suggesting image and integrating the luminaire to the architecture.

Oriol Llahona was inspired by the people who earned their living on the streets of the red district of Barcelona and in the Rue Saint-Denis in Paris and, more specifically, in regard to the work that in the decade of 50-60, photographer Joan Colom and the director Billy Wilder did in his film "Irma la Douce."

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