Nathan Love Creates Blood Trail

Nathan Love Creates Blood Trail

Creative studio Nathan Love recently completed "Blood Trail," a three-minute animated trailer that promotes writer Matt Cochran's screenplay of the same name.

Perspective Studios, the production company overseeing creative development and licensing for the property across all media platforms, brought the project to Nathan Love.

"We were sold on the project the moment we heard 'animated horror piece,' but became even more engaged in 'Blood Trail' after reading the full-feature script," comments Joe Burrascano, Creative Director/Founder, Nathan Love.

"Matt's screenplay is written so well, we could envision every detail of his world and couldn't wait to bring it to life.

We were fortunate to be approached by Perspective.

They handed us a dream design and direction job, and gave us the creative freedom to produce something really special.

Nathan Love's goal was to give the project a unique, hand-animated visual style that would feel exciting, intriguing, and powerful, while developing characters that resonated beyond the piece itself.

Producer Mike Harry comments, "The overall tension created in Blood Trail is, for me, the coolest part of the film.

Having seen it many times now, there's one moment in particular that I still have trouble watching.

The script, storytelling, and the design and realism of the characters and environments helped create an amazing end product."

Nathan Love

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