Colors of Money - an Exhibition About Money by Fabrica and Colors Magazine

Colors of Money: an Exhibition About Money by Fabrica and Colors Magazine

Fabrica, the Benetton communication research center, has been invited by the cultural space CarreRotondes in Luxemburg to present Colors of Money, an exhibition exploring the approaches, uses and understandings of money.

Based on the 73rd issue of Colors Magazine, Colors of Money posits that "money is an illusion", highlighting the myriad contradictions embodied in the all-embracing role money has come to play in modern society.

Through photography, creative writing, works of art and interactive installations conceived by Fabrica artists, Colors of Money provides an unorthodox insight into a world seizing from a growing financial crises.

The exhibition simultaneously underlines the innovative response of social groups to the cultural dominance of finance, thus making a subject often considered as incomprehensible more accessible to young people, finance professionals and the general public.

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