PDT Joins Continua Health Alliance

PDT Joins Continua Health Alliance

Product Development Technologies (PDT) announced that it has joined Continua Health Alliance, a non-profit, open industry alliance of the finest healthcare and technology companies joining together in collaboration to improve the quality of personal healthcare.

PDT joins the more than 200 leading technology, medical device and healthcare industry member companies of Continua, who are dedicated to establishing a system of interoperable personal health solutions; with the knowledge that extending those solutions into the home fosters independence, empowers individuals and provides the opportunity for truly personalized health and wellness management.

"We are excited to work with PDT. Their background in both medical and telecom product development will help make the Continua vision a reality," said Rick Cnossen, Continua president and chairman of the Board of Directors.

"The addition of PDT to Continua builds upon our current growth and momentum in the connected health industry."

Continua Health Alliance has developed technical design guidelines, and established a product certification program, to promote interoperable solutions that provide new ways to address the costs of providing personal telehealth systems.


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