Royale Turns Two, Celebrates Studio Defining Culture

Royale Turns Two, Celebrates Studio Defining Culture

July 2009 marks the 2nd anniversary of LA-based motion design and production studio Royale. Drawing on 20+ years collective experience, Partners Jayson Whitmore, Brien Holman and Jennifer Lucero launched Royale with the mission of pioneering a studio whose culture would be its defining thread, from nurturing innovative creative and its intrinsic process, to delivering clients tailored solutions in a welcoming, collaborative atmosphere.

Reflecting on the company's prolific start: "The culture we set out to create has been the key to our successful and amazing first two years. It's based on a collective philosophy here at Royale: creativity comes in unexpected ways, inspired by real-life experiences. If workflow, technology and communication are efficient in the workplace, it allows us to enjoy and experience life outside the workplace. It all comes full circle, really, as we can harness those collective experiences and apply them to our creative process."

Royale adds, "it's a challenge to 'have a life' and do what you love, so the chemistry of what we've created is something special. The Royale culture is a unique asset to not only our artists and staff, but also our clients - everyone is a part of our team, hence the tagline: We Are Royale."

Having recently celebrated the fruition of Royale's inaugural year, with Gold and Silver Promax|BDA awards for Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" & "Indecision 2008," year two has been met with even greater success. Royale has produced striking work for brands including Comedy Central, McDonald's UK, Discovery Channel, Madonna, MTV Asia, Diesel, and JetBlue, to name a few, while collaborating with notable agencies like Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, The Martin Agency, JWT NY, and Leo Burnett UK.

"In just two years, we've already had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the industry and are deeply humbled for the opportunity to collaborate with wonderful clients on global brands we love and believe in."

Behind the philosophy that the power of moving image is the most effective means of communication in the advertising and branding landscape, Royale's first two years are a testament to its design and animation prowess. For Royale, creating for brands and networks is just the tip of the iceberg. Ever expanding and evolving, Royale's prolific entity is yielding more live-action, with the hybrid production company excited about what's on the horizon: multi-media, environmental and experiential design.

Moving fervently into year three, Royale recently completed a string of new work and is eager to unveil its latest, cutting-edge material, which are slated to break summer '09.


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