Clive Roux Chosen as New IDSA Executive Director

Clive Roux Chosen as New IDSA Executive Director

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) announced that Clive Roux, IDSA, Chief Marketing Officer for Baumgartens and former design leader with internationally renowned Philips Design, will become IDSA's new executive director.

With significant global experience across the design disciplines - including four years working in Africa, seven years in Europe, seven years in Asia and nine years in the US-Roux will bring both design thinking and business management skills to his new role, which will help him represent the Society both within the design world and to the business community.

"Over the last 20 years, the IDSA has been a lighthouse guiding my career as a designer living in South Africa, Europe, Hong Kong and now America.

To have been given the chance by the IDSA board of directors to develop the inspirational power of the most recognizable organization in the design profession is the most meaningful challenge I have ever faced," Roux said.

"The organization and profession face a number of interesting challenges and opportunities that I am convinced will make the IDSA stronger and more valuable for its members.

As we raise our eyes and hopes towards the next upward swing in the business cycle, design is the wise choice of competence for companies who want to lead the creation of value and growth again.

Can the profession rise to the challenge?

I am committed to ensuring we do."


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