Burgopak Wins iF Communication Design Award 2009

Burgopak Wins iF Communication Design Award 2009

Burgopak has won the iF Communication Design Award for Packaging 2009.

The winning entry was a sleek and innovative promotional cigarette pack designed by Burgopak Germany for British American Tobacco, Hamburg as part of a marketing campaign targeted at the Austrian market.

Showcasing smart and technical detail, the Burgopak design team have created a variation on the theme of sliding mechanisms to create an elegant one hand operated promotional pack.

When the lid is opened, cigarettes of various flavours rise out of the top of the packet, ready to hand.

Simultaneously, a booklet is released on the opposite end, connected through the pack by an invisible magnet.

The cigarettes and booklet are retracted as smoothly as they appeared, re-forming the compact packet.

Evidencing continuous outstanding design achievement, this is the second year in a row that Burgopak has been awarded an iF design award.

Burgopak's innovative pharmaceutical pack design for the PocketPak line of ibuprofen and paracetamol won the iF Packaging Design Award 2008.


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