72andSunny Helps Launch BUGABOO (PRODUCT)RED Campaign

72andSunny Helps Launch BUGABOO (PRODUCT)RED Campaign

72andSunny announced today its support of the October 1 launch of (BUGABOO)RED - the newest (RED) partnership with Bugaboo International, the innovative Dutch mobility company whose baby strollers have re-invented the industry.

Companies who take on the (PRODUCT)RED mark contribute a portion of revenues to the Global Fund to support AIDS programs in Africa with an emphasis on the health of women and children. Bugaboo is the first (RED) partner to contribute a percentage of all its revenue.

In addition to contributing 1% of revenue across its full line of products, Bugaboo has also designed ADO(RED) and TREASU(RED) Special Collection strollers. As the first mobility design brand to partner with (RED), Bugaboo is encouraging parents to GO...go outside, go discover, go experience... and now make an impact in the lives of parents and children living with HIV in Africa when choosing to go with Bugaboo.

72andSunny conceived and developed the global, multiplatform marketing campaign based around the new theme. "Go and Good Things Happen." Agency activities included strategy and campaign development, creating the look and feel of (BUGABOO)RED design elements, branding and retail communications, development of a web experience and a special online animated film.

The film, called "Ripples" depicts how when a family goes out exploring, unexpected good things happen, and this experience is connected to improving the lives of others continents away. Featuring street-inspired character design and illustration, the tone is less Disney, more urban/modern. Co-produced by Full Tank, the film uses no dialogue or words of any kind - only the music track, "Made Up Love Song Number 43" by Guilllemots - so it can work on a global level.

"The genius of Bugaboo marketing is that they continue to identify new ways to bring value to customers," stated John Boiler, Partner and Creative Director at 72andSunny. "Now, 'Making Good Things Happen' for parents and children in Africa has become a Bugaboo product feature that modern parents can appreciate and act upon."

"72andSunny has been a trusted marketing partner with us for many years," added Madeleen Klaasen, CMO for Bugaboo International. "They are world-class strategic thinkers, designers and communicators who truly understand the truth of our brand and the people it touches."


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