Alliance Between Pininfarina and Aedas Architects

Alliance Between Pininfarina and Aedas Architects

Pininfarina Extra and Aedas Architects announced an alliance to create exclusive interiors and products within world-leading architecture.

The alliance springs from the opening of Aedas' new office in Turin three months ago. This is not only a formidable collaboration between two world-class designers but also a credo of achieving sustainability through innovative, essential and elegant designs and products.

"Working with Aedas Architects is going to be an exciting experience" explained Paolo Pininfarina, President and CEO of Pininfarina Extra. "The common ground between Aedas and Pininfarina is innovation and essentiality. We believe the synergies will bring our clients the most compelling and functional designs to their developments. This partnership represents for Pininfarina an opportunity to promote design and to develop strategically our presence in the fields of interiors and architecture, where Aedas Architects is renowned to be one of the most successful and experienced player in the world".

The partnership between Aedas and Pininfarina offers quality designs and unique products ranging from Interiors for residential, commercial and hospitality developments to fit outs for home, office and sport. "Styling is no longer an external embellishment of a product. It is an aesthetic and functional solution for collective and individual needs, representing lasting values and performance" reinforced Matteo De Lise, Sales and Marketing Director of Pininfarina Extra. "For Pininfarina, industrial design means using the most advanced aspects of scientific and engineering research, in combination with the aesthetic dimension that we seek in everyday products."

Aedas' recent expansion in Italy is part of the group's global strategic planning for the Western Europe market. "Aedas is tremendously excited to grow its presence in Italy through the partnership with Pininfarina. Aedas' position as a global design-led architectural practice is strengthened by embracing the design strengths of the Italian culture," said Keith Griffiths, Chairman of Aedas. Aedas global network provides consultancy services in architecture, interior design, masterplanning, landscape, urban design and building consultancy through their 38 offices in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.


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