Photoreal CG Spot for NASCAR from Zoic Studios

Photoreal CG Spot for NASCAR from Zoic Studios

Zoic Studios recently completed a new, completely photoreal CG spot for NASCAR. "Dominoes," the first spot in ESPN's new campaign for the NASCAR Nationwide Series, conveys the fast and unpredictable action of the series -- where up-and-comers get a shot at beating seasoned drivers.

Using the tagline IT'S ANYONE'S RACE, the spot tells the story of a driver who manages to sneak his way to the front of the pack when a fight for the lead turns into a massive pile-up. Through a combination of CGI animation and cutting edge facial capture technology, Zoic and agency Wieden + Kennedy were able to create a hyper-real environment containing expressive human characters.

With the hard driving soundtrack of Metallica's "Master of Puppets," "Dominoes" captures the intensity of NASCAR and showcases the fine line between winning and losing.

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