SKD Wins Two Silver IDEA Awards for 2010

SKD Wins Two Silver IDEA Awards for 2010

Starkey S Series with Sweep Technology

Stuart Karten Design received accolades from one of the most prestigious industrial design award programs, the 2010 International Design Excellence Awards. SKD's Zon and S Series BTE with Sweep Technology hearing aids, designed for Starkey Laboratories, were both honored with Silver IDEA awards in the Medical and Scientific Products category.

With sophisticated designs and innovations such as the industry's first and only touch control, the hearing aids make Starkey's advanced digital technology more accessible and desirable to more than 35 million people who suffer from hearing loss.

"The IDEA Awards have a history of honoring not only beautiful products, but design that makes a positive difference in business and society," said SKD Principal Stuart Karten. "Our goal in working with Starkey was to improve the experience of wearing a hearing aid and to eliminate the emotional stigma that many hearing aid users feel."

Stuart Karten Design

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