Stone Island Shadow Project - Autumn Winter 2010 2011

Stone Island Shadow Project: Autumn Winter 2010 2011

Buoyed by the ongoing research and development of its four previous seasons, the fifth Stone Island Shadow capsule resurfaces with newfound richness and character.

Holistic and truly contemporary, the collection continues its investigation of identity, use, and systems through the marriage of new aesthetics and proven technologies.

Through the use of compound treatments and multiple effects, fabrics and garments are invested with uncommon dimensionality and sophistication.

Surface becomes depth as the senses perceive treatment upon treatment and effect upon effect. Patterns map dynamics, treatments reveal structures, and colors deepen contrasts in a way that both obfuscates and rewards.

The strength of Stone Island Shadow is its ability to thrive at all points possible, and its resistance to being pinned down at all.

Stone Island

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