TalkTalk SIM Packaging by Burgopak

TalkTalk SIM Packaging by Burgopak

TalkTalk have revamped their pre-paid mobile SIM card packaging in a fresh new format designed by Burgopak. TalkTalk have used Burgopak's new playful Z-Lift pack to offer TalkTalk Mobile exclusively to existing customers.

With an engaging opening mechanism, a design trait fundamental to the Burgopak ethos, the Z-Lift pack lifts, rotates and displays the SIM card to the user. Pulling the opening tab triggers the SIM card to lift up on a platform where it is securely held in place.

Compact in size, Burgopak's innovative package design works efficiently to provide a pleasurable and memorable brand experience through physical interaction and novelty, as well as enhancing TalkTalk's vibrant artwork to leave a lasting impression.


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