Continuum Advanced Systems - Innovation at the Intersection of Technology, Systems and Human-Centered Design

Continuum Advanced Systems: Innovation at the Intersection of Technology, Systems and Human-Centered Design

Continuum launched of a new division within its organization, known as Continuum Advanced Systems. Focused on the intersection of technology, systems and human-centered design, Continuum Advanced Systems works with companies and entrepreneurs in the health, medical, government, industrial and consumer categories to rapidly turn existing and emerging technologies into holistic solutions that are valued by the people who use them.

"Continuum Advanced Systems is about developing solutions that connect the needs and values of people with technologies that can improve their lives," said Tom Merle, Chief Development Officer and General Manager at Continuum Advanced Systems. "Meeting at this intersection is what makes Continnum Advanced Systems unique from other innovators in this space. We're developing intensely technical products like insulin pumps, diagnostic devices for AIDS, or integrated systems for military vehicles, while remaining intently focused on how every person will emotionally and functionally connect to what we design; be they patients, caregivers, soldiers, or consumers."

Since 1983, Continuum has been developing complex, technical, and user centric products and systems for leading brands such as Aspect Medical, Avedro, Children's Hospital, Covidien, Abbott Labs, Daktari Diagnostics, Dixie-Narco, General Dynamics, Ford, Hamilton Medical, Herman Miller, Insulet, Johnson & Johnson, Kopin, Nomir and many more.

"While we've been doing the work of Continuum Advanced Systems for more than 27 years, highly technical product and systems innovation now represents one third of our business," said Harry West, CEO of Continuum. "We created Continuum Advanced Systems to more effectively meet our clients' increasingly complex challenges as well as their need to bring technically-oriented products, services and systems to market faster, more efficiently and more strategically than ever before."

Continuum Advanced Systems is a specialized business unit within the company that partners with organizations who demand expertise in developing complex systems, and technologies that are based on a fundamental understanding of people. The division is made up of more than 45 specialists with backgrounds ranging from behavioral research, human-centered design, interaction design, industrial design, human factors, engineering (biomedical, electrical, mechanical, optical), software and firmware development, evaluative testing, manufacturing, and regulatory processes. The division's services include human-centered design, technology development, systems engineering and integration, medical device and instrumentation development and start-up company collaboration.

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