solidThinking 8.5 and solidThinking 8.5 Inspired - New Advancements for Industrial Designers

solidThinking 8.5 and solidThinking 8.5 Inspired: New Advancements for Industrial Designers

"Better, faster, easier." That's how solidThinking describes its latest 3D concept design and visualization software releases, solidThinking 8.5 and solidThinking 8.5 Inspired.

"Our global team of product specialists, all of whom are experienced industrial designers or architects, paid close attention to the needs of existing and prospective users," said Robert Little, president of solidThinking. "Their feedback, careful benchmarking of competitive products, and close collaboration with the software development team have resulted in the solidThinking 8.5 releases achieving outstanding levels of improvement."

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"solidThinking empowers users to explore many different aesthetic variations of a design while maintaining the model's core function," said industrial designer and solidThinking user Emanuele Rodella. "For example, the new round tool is truly excellent, and helped me handle some very complex changes; and I often used the environment visualization mode to review the model's progress. The faster, more improved modeling in solidThinking 8.5 has developed noticeably higher-quality, smooth and sinuous models, and a more interesting, visually dynamic shape - ultimately allowing me to realize the full potential of my design projects."

"The fundamental functions behind design are ideation and iteration - the ability to conceptualize ideas at the speed of thought and without constraints," said Alex Mazzardo, solidThinking's vice president of marketing and product strategy. "solidThinking 8.5 and solidThinking 8.5 Inspired are our next steps in redefining the way design concepts are created, evaluated and photorealistically visualized, in real time, in the early development phase."