It's Not Easy Being Green - Sustainable Solutions in Materials and Design

It's Not Easy Being Green: Sustainable Solutions in Materials and Design

Green is more than just a color. In today's world "green" is a term that refers to the practice of sustainability that goes far beyond hugging trees. Sustainability is a single word but comes with many definitions and opinions. To inform themselves and inspire others, two designers take six months time to focus on sustainability in materials and design around the world.

"It's Not Easy Being Green" is a project by two designers traveling around the world in 184 days. The project is initiated by Aart van Bezooyen and Paula Rache, a Dutch-German design couple living and working in Hamburg, Germany. During six months they are offering inspiring lectures and materials workshops to explore the practice of sustainability by meeting, discussing and working with local creatives.

"In previous workshops we experienced that many designers find it hard to put sustainability into practice," says Paula Rache. "Therefore we planned this six month 'out of office' to document existing examples and hear people's experiences from firsthand account."

Unlike offering answers, this project is more about raising questions and creating awareness with the help of great people, places and things along their way. The weblog is made to inspire their readers with weekly discoveries from around the world.

The journey is an official event within the Hamburg European Green Capital 2011 program and begins March 1, 2011. Their first stop is Rio de Janeiro, the journey then continues through South America, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia and Japan. Their first lectures and workshops are scheduled with the Pontifical Catholic University of ParanĂ¡ (PUCPR) in Curitiba and the Metropolitan Design Center (CMD) in Buenos Aires. Local findings are featured with a live-connection at the Materials Cafe during this year's Hanover Fair (April 4-8, 2011). Their schedule of activities develops as they go and welcomes invitations from interested designers, schools and companies.