STEM to STEAM - Strengthening STEM Education with Art and Design

STEM to STEAM: Strengthening STEM Education with Art and Design

America's ongoing focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as an essential component of national innovation needs art and design to gain STEAM.

Artists and designers humanize technology, making it understandable and capable of bringing about societal change. The studio method that is the hallmark of arts education teaches the flexible thinking and risk-taking that is needed in today's complex and dynamic world. The tools and methods of design offer new models for creative problem-solving and interdisciplinary partnership, introducing innovative practices of design thinking into STEM education and research.

To realize this potential, scientists, artists and designers must develop new ways of working together and new modes of research and education. Stem to Steam is a briefing on kickstarting the national innovation agenda by strengthening STEM education with Art and Design. The event is open to anyone interested. Space is limited. Please RSVP to Matthew Bengochea: mbengoch at or 401-454-6743 by June 17.

Rhode Island School of Design