Bauhaus Archive - First Bauhaus App Brings Modernist Art School to Web 2.0

Bauhaus Archive: First Bauhaus App Brings Modernist Art School to Web 2.0

The first official Bauhaus app is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch. Bauhaus Archive app features the architecture of the Bauhaus Archive and the exhibition "The Bauhaus Collection: Originals of Classic Modernism," which provides an overview of the museum's holdings and the history of the Bauhaus as the most important art school in the 20th century.

The app includes over 100 images of works by Bauhaus artists as well as useful visitor information. The application was developed by tonwelt professional media and is available for free.

"During the course of its existence, the Bauhaus always promoted innovation and progress. For this reason, the Bauhaus Archive / Museum of Design does not merely document, catalogue and preserve the school's history. Our exhibitions give visual expression to the significance of the Bauhaus in today's world, and with our intensified participation in the current discourse on contemporary design and architecture, we want to emphasize the relevance of the Bauhaus idea for the future," said Ulrich Weigand, Communications Director at the Bauhaus Archive. "Against this backdrop it was especially important to us to make quick use of new technologies by offering an app to our visitors. We are now one of the first museums in Berlin that has its own app."

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