United Nude Opens Flagship Store in London

United Nude Opens Flagship Store in London

On July 20, United Nude opened its flagship store in London. The new store, located in London's hottest shopping district of Covent Garden, boasts a generous range of celebrated United Nude products, including the unique footwear collections for both women and men, United Nude accessories and the new United Nude Lo-Res Chair.

Reflecting United Nude's flare for innovation, the store is a hallmark to the brand's conceptual approach. The entire store, spanning nearly 200 square meters, is encased in darkness. The products alone are highlighted in the exclusive computer controlled Wall of Light installation, presenting each shoe as a work of art encapsulated in its own geometric frame, while mirrored walls create the sensation of vastness and grandeur.

United Nude takes every detail seriously, from designing our products with cutting edge materials and technologies, to their final presentation, enhancing the customer's experience.

"Every new store we open at a great location is a major milestone for United Nude. To open a large store across the street from the best Paul Smith stores: Camper, Paul and Joe, Betsy Johnson, Agnes B and next to Ted Baker, is simply fabulous," commented United Nude's Creative Director Rem D. "And to be located just around the corner from London's biggest and baddest Apple store is amazing! We are very proud and happy to be here. Next to our homecoming to Amsterdam almost two years ago, with the opening of our flagship store there, I consider this our second homecoming, as United Nude was originally founded in London by Galahad and myself. Our United Nude stores have been critically acclaimed, and we are now opening shops around the world to satisfy the growing international demand for our products."

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